Chinese darknet marketplaces lose another city, one of the top six Chinese darknet marketplaces “Loulan City” has lost its connection

In May 2021, "ODN" visited the top six Chinese darknet trading sites on the dark web at that time, and the only ones that could be accessed at that time were "Tea-horse Ancient Road", "Loulan City" and "Chinese Dark Web Market", and in January this year, "ODN" confirmed the death of "Tea-horse Ancient Road" and first confirmed that it died due to "a crackdown by Jiangsu police".

Now, with the passage of time and the concerns of many netizens, "ODN" can officially confirm that "Loulan City", one of the top six Chinese dark web marketplaces, has been lost. At this point, the Chinese darknet market has lost another city.

The name "Loulan City" (http://c2p3hg35jalss7b2a6hkmhzflgevkonqt7g6jze62ro2g4h4wmzwobid.onion) comes from "Loulan Ancient City "(a small country in the west that disappeared in ancient China). Although "Loulan City" started a little late compared to "Chinese Dark Web Market" and "Tea-horse Ancient Road", it is still very well known on the dark web, especially in the Chinese dark web community.

The website of "Loulan City" has two departments: trading and forum, and it is also a big Chinese dark net trading marketplace from the point of view of the posted goods. Recently, in the comments of the world's largest dark net navigation "Onion666 dark net website navigation" about Loulan City, some comments said "Loulan City is a fraud", and some said "the top-ups are not accounted for, and the management has not been online for a long time. But from the time of disappearance, "Loulan City" should have died.

The previous "ODN" analysis of the closure of the dark network trading market in addition to making enough money "voluntary retirement", either "out of the scam" or "by the police crackdown". From the previous experience of "Tea-horse Ancient Road" darknet marketplace died from "police crackdown", "ODN" thinks "Loulan City "Probably this is also the reason. But how the truth is, "ODN" will wait and see.

As in the previous analysis of the global darknet market, although the old market disappeared, new markets will always appear, after all, the darknet market is still very profitable. Although the Chinese dark web market has lost another city, a new Chinese dark web market has emerged. "ODN" will continue to pay attention to the development and reliability of the new Chinese dark web market.

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