The real deal! One of the largest Chinese dark web marketplaces, “Tea-horse Ancient Road”, has been destroyed by police

"ODN" has been following up on the current status of Chinese darknet trading sites on the dark web, and just the other day combed through five darknet trading marketplaces, including the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" darknet trading marketplace(http://7zj4oshsyhokgus6fyk7pmdiubu4mkjpjjprjkvopnhnwylr522tymqd.onion).

The marketplace describes itself as "selling data, accounts, drugs, vulnerabilities, pornography, physical goods, etc., and trading in US dollars and bitcoins after registration"."ODN" reported on the coin-rolling of the dark web marketplace in 2021, and confirmed that it had embezzled large amounts of bitcoins from users!

The site has been inaccessible since the end of last year, and has been for over two months. The "ODN" pre-analysis was either an "exit scam" or a police crackdown.

Recently, an internet user provided an absolutely reliable information and gave evidence enough to confirm that the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" dark web market has been destroyed by the police! "ODN" verified that, although so far have not seen the police to give the exact announcement, but in a year-end summary of the prosecution did see only a few words.

On January 12, Jiangsu's Yangtze Evening News published an article "Xuzhou prosecutors crack down on telecom network fraud with a total of 1,724 people prosecuted for these two crimes last year".

Yangzi Evening News January 12 (Reporter Liu Liu) Xuzhou City Procuratorate seriously implement the recommendations of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress, strict crackdown on telecommunications network fraud crimes, 2021, a total of 194 cases of review and arrest of computer network crime cases 306 people, 179 approved arrests; 493 cases of review and prosecution of 956 people, prosecution of 305 cases of 652 people. Actively participate in the "card-breaking action" to combat telecom network fraud and black and gray industry chain-related crimes, accepting 384 cases of review and arrest of 693 people, approved the arrest of 428 people; accepting 700 cases of review and prosecution of 1,495 people, prosecuting 1,072 people.

Xuzhou City Procuratorate set up an operational guidance group for handling cybercrime cases jointly by the upper and lower procuratorates, criminal prosecution and technical departments, and produced a compilation of information on handling cybercrime cases to strengthen case guidance and enhance the quality of handling cases. Xuzhou City procuratorate handled a number of key cases such as the "small fruit" code receiving platform case and the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" dark web trading market case. Xuzhou City, Tangshan District Procuratorate handled a large network dating fraud case, the case suspects developed chat platforms, recruiting a large number of anchors to anchor about meeting for sex as bait, defrauding male victims in many provinces in China, more than 2,700 victims, the amount involved more than 30 million yuan, the whole case involved 102 people.

Which points to the "'Tea-horse Ancient Road' dark web trading market case and a number of key cases", and with the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" dark web trading market website screenshots, enough to prove The "Tea-horse Ancient Road" dark web trading market has been cracked down by the police and transferred to the procuratorial organs to accept for review and prosecution.

Although this is not the first Chinese darknet platform destroyed by the Chinese police, it is the first Chinese darknet market officially reported to be destroyed and cracked down by the Chinese police and prosecution. This shows the firm determination of the officials to crack down on cybercrime on the dark web! "ODN" will continue to pay attention to the development and ending of other Chinese dark web marketplaces.

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