The famous Chinese dark web trading platform “Tea-horse Ancient Road” is suspected to have swept away a large amount of bitcoin

According to reports from many netizens, the well-known Chinese dark web trading platform "Tea-horse Ancient Road" cleared all user account funds after the year, which is suspected to have taken away a large amount of Bitcoin. But last week, the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" has restored funds to "locked funds" and will not be withdrawn unless unlocked. "ODN(" investigated the matter.

"ODN" integrated multiple sources to get the timeline of the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" coin event:

At the end of January (around January 29): Platform managers return to China during the New Year, suspend the withdrawal of coins, and remind them to start work after the year;

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Announcement of "Tea-horse Ancient Road"⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
due to the epidemic and the New Year. The financial staff and most of the technical staff have returned to China and traveled on holiday.
On-site platform transactions are normal. Withdrawal suspension (finance and technology are separated) is for the safety of platform funds and the financial management mode of the platform is the same as the real company. One is finance and the other is cashier. Both are indispensable.

The Tea Horse Road has been in place for so long, and I hope everyone believes that after the Chinese New Year, the technology is already updating other websites and the new features of the script. Looking forward to eating meat with you next year.

In addition, all bank merchants on the platform suspend the collection of coins. Those who are still receiving coins are not the tea-horse bank merchants, and they are responsible for the fraudulent transaction disputes. Forbidden to withdraw coins during this period of time for private transactions to be redeemed. Don’t blame others if you find out the title.

Late February (around February 22): All user account funds are cleared, and no response from Tea Horse is available;

Telegram group discusses road running incident

Early March (around March 2): The tea horse administrator responded to the user's question: the original tea horse management team has ceased operation and sold the platform to the new team, and all the coins were taken away by the original team;

Early March (around March 11): "Tea-horse Ancient Road" officially issued an announcement, restoring the original funds to "locked funds", and proposed a payment method, which must be unlocked;

Unified notification and reply regarding the non-display of balances of some users on the platform

As we all know, our team took over the operation of the original tea-horse platform at the beginning of the year, and the detailed rules will be detailed here.

Data migration was smooth during the transaction, but there were certain differences regarding the delivery of user balance funds. In order not to affect the overall operation of the platform, we unanimously decided to open the platform as scheduled.

During this period, we have restored the balances of some users in batches, and the remaining balances of some users have not been restored.

That is to say, during this period, the Bitcoin in the platform's settlement currency has risen tremendously, and the original Tea Horse team refused to undertake follow-up responsibilities for various reasons.

We believe that users have no reason to bear any losses arising from the delivery of the new and old teams! ! !

After discussion, our team solemnly stated:

[All remaining user balances will be fully redeemed]

The redemption rules are as follows:

1: The remaining user balance will be restored in the station in the next few days.

2: The user balance is temporarily displayed as locked funds. (If there is a deviation in the amount, you can apply for verification)

3: Give priority to recovering users who are willing to work with the new platform and new team to overcome the difficulties.

4: If this time makes you have doubts about the tea horse platform, we will settle your withdrawal and settlement of the equivalent USDT according to the currency price of the day.

Appendix: Instructions for Priority Settlement Users:
1: Invite and activate 3 teahorse members.
2: All inviting members will immediately release 50% of the locked amount as much as the transaction amount generated by the invited members.
Example: Joe Smith subordinate: Sally, Doe and king 0.1BTC complete a transaction, Zhang immediately by unlocking the lower Doe 0.1 50% = 0.05, i.e., through the lower unlocking Wanger Li 0.1 50% =0.05

Instructions for exiting platform members: The
private message management told me to exit, and the currency price will be settled into the equivalent USDT according to the currency price of the day, and the withdrawal will be released.

A note on redemption:
Therefore, we have already undertaken nearly 35 BTC redemption for the original platform up to now, and now we have reached the stage of being unable to bear it. Since we have taken over, we hope to continue to do a good job. For this reason, we can only gradually contribute to Everyone will resume the operation until the payment is completed. In addition, we can only withdraw cash for you for the users who have exited the platform. Sorry.

Late March (around March 20): According to feedback from multiple insiders: funds that have met the unlocking conditions still cannot be unlocked.

Several telegram groups were discussing this incident. Some netizens said: "Tea-horse Ancient Road", as a well-known Chinese dark web trading platform, is also a piece of pure land on the dark web. This incident made it untrustworthy; some netizens said: "Tea-horse Ancient Road" runs twice every time Bitcoin appreciates; some netizens also said: "Tea-horse Ancient Road" should have been endorsed by the public security...

As for the truth, "ODN" will continue to follow up.

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