Chinese dark web trading platform “Tea-horse Ancient Road” embezzled users’ bitcoins, a real hammer

Last month, "ODN(" reported on the "The famous Chinese dark web trading platform “Tea-horse Ancient Road” is suspected to have swept away a large amount of bitcoin". It has received great attention and feedback. We continue to follow up on the latest update of this matter. progress. The report of a certain netizen basically confirmed the fact that the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" embezzled users' bitcoins.

A large number of netizens said that it is very difficult to unblock frozen funds. In addition to inviting people, they have to activate consumption at the next home to unfreeze 50% of the consumption amount. This is almost impossible to achieve. This is a scam.

"ODN" checked the official Telgram group of "Tea-horse Ancient Road" and found that its administrator had posted two top-notch announcements on March 11 and April 15 to clean up themselves and encourage users use.

The announcement on March 11 mainly explained that "all the functions of the platform are normal", and the important words were emphasized three times.

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Ancient Tea Horse Road Groups @tea_group3 Ancient
Tea Horse Road Group Entrance:
Comprehensive communication: old group @chama001 new group @cmsvip
announcement notification: @tea_help
member group entrance: @tea_horsebot official tea horse robot
data exchange: @tea_group1 Chess, finance, insurance and other
black industry exchanges: @tea_group2 Black production, gray production, project and other exchange
account exchanges: @tea_group4 activate registration activation code
check file exchange: @tea_group5 check people positioning human flesh to find old Lai Cha Xiaosan tool
technical exchange: @ tea_group6 CVV, stealing brushes, tracks, various physical productions, etc.

Do not add any irrelevant topics to the above groups. Malicious advertising and non-nutritive topics will be kicked out of the
group. Anyone who asks to trade in any way other than the tea horse may be a liar.

If it is something in the group. Enter directly in the group: management, select online management!

Platform account issues Send messages to the admin
group management on the site and do not deal with platform account issues

All functions of the
platform are normal
. All functions of the platform are normal . All functions of the platform are normal.

Malicious defamation, malicious remarks, and spreading rumors harm the Tea Horse Road platform and the interests of members.

Cherish what you have at the moment

The announcement on April 15 is mainly to remind everyone to beware of liars. Does this mean "the thief shouts and catches the thief"!

Special Note! Recently, a scammer pretended to be an administrator (changing his personal profile to: @xixi86160, @vg10086, etc.) to help activate and presuppose to induce members to visit the fake Tea Horse Road website and defraud user account passwords. Please remember that the administrator will never take the initiative to privately chat with members to request off-site transactions. Anyone who asks you to transfer funds privately is a liar! ! !
1. Please check whether the browser you are using is Tor Browser and click on the official website to download.
2. Please check whether the tea horse website you are visiting is: http://7zj4oshsyhokgus6fyk7pmdiubu4mkjpjjprjkvopnhnwylr522tymqd.onion

And just recently, an enthusiastic netizen T reported to "ODN" the malicious behavior of "Tea-horse Ancient Road" illegally embezzling its funds and banning its account for no reason. He stated that his account was registered in April 2020 and he had topped up bitcoin. After logging in to the platform after the Chinese New Year in 2021, it was found that funds were frozen, and three talents needed to be unlocked, and these three people were required to open memberships. He sent an email to the administrator and asked him, "Do you want to force your face? Is it going to close?" , The administrator directly disables his account.

The account is disabled

He registered a small account to look for the administrator. At first, the administrator said, "They just took over, and the account is disabled for unknown reasons." When he sent a screenshot of the time when the administrator was disabled, the administrator directly sent him The trumpet was deleted.

The administrator’s "market supervisor" nickname is ironic
The administrator reported that the reason for disabling could not be found
The account has been deleted

Netizen T hopes that "ODN" will expose the botched methods of the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" to prevent more people from suffering.

Here, "ODN" reminds all netizens that the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" platform has confirmed the fraud, please do not make any transactions! For further trends of the platform in the future, "ODN" will continue to follow up.

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