Those Chinese dark web marketplaces that died in 2021

"ODN" visited the top six Chinese darknet trading sites on the dark web in May 2021, and only three Chinese darknet marketplaces were accessible at that time, while three others were inaccessible.

In general, police crackdowns and "exit scams" were the main reasons for the closure of dark web marketplaces.

First of all, let's talk about the Exit Scam, which is one of the biggest reasons for the disappearance of dark web marketplaces as summarized by foreign countries. "Exit Scam" means that the operator of a darknet marketplace directly takes the website offline after the deposited funds from users' top-up transactions reach a certain amount, in order to embezzle the cryptocurrency funds deposited by users and merchants in the marketplace. There are many similar "exit scams" outside of China, with some public reports of "Monopoly Market", "Cartel Markets", "Tor2Door Market", and "Torrent Market". "Tor2Door Market", "Televend Market", "Aurora Market", and many other offshore dark web marketplaces. The closures were all "exit scams".

As of January 2022, among the only remaining darknet marketplaces that could be accessed in the early days, "Televend Market" has disappeared for a long time. Here "ODN" will count down those Chinese dark net trading markets that died in 2021.

One, Tea-horse Ancient Road (http://7zj4oshsyhokgus6fyk7pmdiubu4mkjpjjprjkvopnhnwylr522tymqd.onion) [inaccessible]

This website introduces the sale of data, accounts, drugs, vulnerabilities, pornography and video, physical goods, etc. After registration, trade in dollars and bitcoins.

In the early days, you can see the promotion of Chama Gu Dao on twitter, Telegram and many other foreign platforms, but "ODN" has previously reported that the site has repeatedly swept away a large amount of bitcoin, and "666 Dark Web Directory" also listed this site The site is listed as a "confirmed scam" and we are advised not to deposit coins for trading. The site has been inaccessible for over two months now, and it seems to have really taken off this time. But whether it is "exit scam" or police crackdown, "ODN" will continue to pay attention to the follow-up progress of the dark network trading market "Tea-horse Ancient Road ".

Two, FREECITY (http://xbtppbb7oz5j2stohmxzvkprpqw5dwmhhhdo2ygv6c7cs4u46ysufjyd.onion) [inaccessible]

This site requires registration and login. The website contains two parts: trading and forum. Transactions include [weed]'s store, [rcou1985]'s store, dark data concentration camp, QP/CP exclusive, account trading exclusive, data intelligence, service pickup, virtual resources, physical items, weed exclusive, special exclusive, CVV combing, private guarantee and other categories; forum part includes dark net information, digital asset information, hacking technology, Wuhan news, free_source road, community Developers, GoogleDrive, resource sharing, and other categories.

This darknet marketplace was also one of the top ranked darknet marketplaces in the "666 Dark Web Directory", but a large number of netizens objected that the website was a fraudulent website and the administrator was directly involved in the fraud, and the "666 Dark Web Directory" also listed this website as The site is also listed as a "suspected scam" by "666 Dark Web Directory". However, the site is currently inaccessible, since it was a fraudulent site before, we have every reason to believe that the closure of the site is "exit scam".

Three, dark net Chinese trading forum (http://stsp57cle7lvkex4sgpv2vtdo4ust4tt7lrxjtu6uxzcvorhzwkc5zqd.onion, http://lfwpmgou2lz3jnt7mg3gorzkfnhnhgumbijn4ubossgs3wzsxkg6gvyd.onion) [inaccessible

The site uses Discuz open source forum program to build, claiming to be a Chinese dark net trading forum, once the home page has a large number of criminals advertising, and even "hired killers", the number of visitors is large.

The dark web marketplace was also commented as a fraudulent website by a large number of netizens in "666 Dark Web Directory", so "666 Dark Web Directory" also marked this website as "confirmed fraudulent "The website is now also inaccessible. Now the site is also inaccessible, the possibility of "exit scam" is also very high.

Four, the gold castle (http://nkodrc2jifmvuzzaxvc26dctixs6eelmtlqvemvg6h5wq6c2aqlrwbqd.onion) [inaccessible]

This website was born in 2021, when the birth of the "Tea-horse Ancient Road" in the dark network market made a lot of promotional advertising, the site introduced "gold castle is committed to providing every gray black production players a piece of the dark network honest trading guarantee platform, where you can buy/sell any resources you want to sell or obtain".

The dark web marketplace also died out in 2021 and was developing when it suddenly became inaccessible, with no explanation and no official statement.

Five. Cooler Commerce City (http://cook2f2okibbnnkzjnsimmpofxhxrurnhw3cdhvhi2cgx74awakmg7yd.onion) [inaccessible]

The website suddenly appeared at the end of 2021, introducing itself as "James Cook, providing safe, reliable and convenient digital currency trading guarantee services".

However, on January 10, 2022, the site suddenly went offline again, really "come and go", so "ODN" thinks that the police crackdown and "exit scam" are unlikely, after all, it has not been open for a long time.

On January 12, the operator of the darknet marketplace made an official statement on the "666 Dark Web Directory".

I'd like to affirm that I'm not running away. There is no need to do so. All the orders of the platform are normally processed and settled to the users. ----- Why can't you visit? --The reason: 1, the general environment, you know, all kinds of crackdown. 2, the transaction volume is really too bad, the market is too much than the expected downturn, revenue payment server are struggling. Will it be open in the future? --Not necessarily. If the market has rebounded in the future, the general environment is a little more relaxed, may be re-launched. ----- Thank you all for your concern and support~ See you in the jungle!

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