Current status of the top six Chinese dark web trading websites listed in “[666] Dark Web Directory”

"ODN" has been tracking and reporting on the Chinese websites on the dark web recently. After sorting out the top six Chinese dark web trading sites in the "666 Dark Web Directory", it was found that 3 websites could not be opened, and Two of the six websites have been confirmed to be scam websites. Based on the feedback from netizens, let’s take a closer look at the current status of each website.

1. Darknet China ( http://sfdu2jstlnp7whqlzpojopr5jxehxz4dveqfl67v6mfrwoj3nq6cnrad.onion ) [Unavailable]

This site introduces sales data, tutorials, services, cvv, film and television, physical objects, chess and cards, gambling, online loans, finance, industry and commerce and other types of items, and the prices are displayed in U.S. dollars. The site has been inaccessible intermittently since August 2020, and it is said that the recharge cannot be credited to the account. After January 2021, it will not be opened completely. I don't know if the administrator ran away or was arrested.

2. Tea-horse Ancient Road ( http://7zj4oshsyhokgus6fyk7pmdiubu4mkjpjjprjkvopnhnwylr522tymqd.onion ) [normal access]

This site introduces sales data, accounts, medicines, loopholes, pornographic films, physical goods, etc. After registration, they are traded in U.S. dollars and Bitcoin. At present, we have seen a lot of promotion of this site on the external network and Telegram. However, in the early stage "ODN" reported that the site was suspected of taking away a large amount of Bitcoin , and after it was confirmed by netizens to dump Bitcoin , we can see "666 Dark Web Directory" also lists this site as a "confirmed scam." The website has been rumored that something went wrong with the webmaster, but the site has been running well. It is estimated that the rumors are false. Just take a look, it is not recommended to deposit currency transactions.

Netizen "Sunshine" said: "I want to go to the store on 2021/04/08. I will also ask the buyer to go to the tea horse transaction... Who knows that after the transaction is completed, the item is also given to withdraw the currency and enter the payment password. After a week, I replied that I cannot prove that I am the owner of the account... I was hacked at $1,000. I have screenshots of the conversation record... I originally believed that Chama is fake now even Chama..."

3. Chinese Dark Web Trading-Road to Time ( http://hqvu7nziamhfbb4u.onion ) [Unavailable]

The site introduces a secured sales platform, which conducts transactions in U.S. dollars, sells guns, death certificates, relocation ID cards, electronic equipment, etc. But the domain name is still the V2 version of the domain name, and netizens have left messages as a scam website, and it can't be opened. It is very unreliable. I don't know how it ranked third.

4. Loulan City ( http://c2p3hg35jalss7b2a6hkmhzflgevkonqt7g6jze62ro2g4h4wmzwobid.onion ) [Normal access]

The site introduces a trading section and a forum section, and the new site is small in scale. But so far, the number of visits is not bad. The site has been alive. Some netizens commented that "things are missing, but they are all shipped." However, some netizens also responded that "the webmaster does not care about it." Whether the site is reliable or not, we will observe further.

5. Chinese dark web trading market ( http://xxxxxxxxxs6qbnahsbvxbghsnqh4rj6whbyblqtnmetf7vell2fmxmad.onion ) [normal access]

The introduction of the site was formerly known as the "Dark Web Chinese Forum", and at the request of users on the site (the rise of digital currency), it gradually transformed into a dark web trading market. "ODN" also reported in the early stage that the site is known as "the largest trading market on the Chinese dark web ". There are many reminders on the site to remind users to identify scammers, which feels very reliable. However, the comment of "666 Dark Web Directory" commented that it was unreliable: "Directly block my account with tens of thousands of balances", "I can't withdraw cash at all", "I can't withdraw cash for five days," and "Withdraw cash." No, I deliberately posted an illegal transaction. I will delete it. I just don’t deal with it. It’s still being processed for more than a month.” “This website will not run off on the surface, but if you have enough cash to withdraw your money, you will jump to your fault. Don’t go. ".

It feels that the "666 Dark Web Directory" should be required to mark the "Chinese dark web trading market" as "confirmed fraud."

6. Silk Road Guaranteed Transaction ( http://shoptwgap2x3xbwy.onion ) [unavailable]

This site introduces the secured sales platform, which trades in U.S. dollars and sells hacking tools, related tutorials, Apple series, medicines, and illicit production tools. Although the name of the website is very big, there is still a big gap with the US version of "Silk Road", and the site cannot be opened now. The V2 version of the domain name has not been maintained for a long time, and many netizens responded before it was closed. It is a scammer website.

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