Dark web anti-fraud: exposing fraudulent sites on the dark web, BlackMart, a fraudulent dark web marketplace, has changed its dark web domain name

"ODN" exposed the fraudulent darknet marketplace BlackMart in November 2022, and introduced that the fraudulent darknet marketplace's scamming techniques are very low-level, the delivery page, star rating, and guarantor look like a normal darknet marketplace, but in fact, they are all faked by the scammers, which is a highly confusing website.

Recently, another user "justin" reported "BlackMart" to "ODN" in the comments that "BlackMart" is continuing to scam, and has changed to a new darknet domain name. He said:

So I just read you article about BlackMart, a little late though. I purchased Pay-Pal $1000 for $65 USD however, the total cost of this was $140 CDN. I sent $95 USD worth of bitcoin to the wallet of BlackMart placed the order. Never recieved anything, then today the wallet was empty. Please do all you can to spread the word that they are still operating, and scamming people. I also have screenshots of the transactions.

Upon testing, "ODN" found that the previous dark web domain of the fraudulent dark web marketplace "BlackMart"( blackma6xtzkajcy2eahws4q65ayhnsa6kghu6oa6sci2ul47fq66jqd.onion) has been inaccessible, and the new darknet domain name provided by "justin" can be accessed normally, and the newly replaced darknet onion domain name is:


The function of the scam darknet marketplace "BlackMart" is not much different from the last introduction, and the overall fresh and simple website design has not changed, only the color of the logo has been changed from orange to green, in addition, there are several changes in the details.

First, the false star rating is no longer only in English, adding the language of each country.Open the product page, the many positive comments that come to mind, there are Chinese evaluation "well done", Hungarian evaluation "very good", Swedish evaluation "fast delivery", Romanian evaluation "Fast delivery, great selection of gift cards", Japanese evaluation "fast shipping, great selection of gift cards" and so on.

Secondly, new scamming tactics have been added. A reminder of “buyer protection” has been added to the page under the product description: if you do not receive your order, you can return it for a full refund. If the goods do not match the description, a full or partial refund is available.

Third, the marketplace offers a more realistic version of the so-called dark web secured site (The Escrow). The scam marketplace's guaranteed website (escrowkwttyhfyab3clkln7lfveyg7pfdwsv5vner35mhg7oaqz5uiid.onion) is quite confusing in its fraudulent rhetoric: 'Serving customers since 2015, The Escrow is Your 24x7 Partner for deep web purchases. Your financial security is our No. 1 Priority and hence, we work 24x7 on it to ensure you have secure hassle-free transactions.' .

The user "justin" provided detailed screenshots of his dealings with the webmaster of the fraudulent website, so that we can see the face of the scammers:

1, The netizen "justin" placed an order and made a BTC transfer according to the requirements, but did not receive the so-called Paypal goods.

2, "justin" sent an email to the customer service email address ([email protected]), informing that the transfer had been made according to the requirements, but did not receive the goods.

3, The scammer replied, thank you for the order, but this $ 65 commodity technical problems, $120 and $175 goods normal, please continue to transfer, and then up to 2 hours to receive the goods.

4, The netizen "justin" found to be cheated.

5, The netizen "justin" contacted the guarantee website "The Escrow", which asked to place another order in the website, ready to scam again.

"ODN" analyzed the bitcoin payment made by "justin" for the PayPal scam:

1, The payment address is: 1FZSceSwwRFAcgoAHE3Nc5p4h2cxUmKBGT, the transaction hash is: cadde8547bda075484dd94207842e27bc8dbe11c68f476baf87f38b6d1ce437c, the time is: 2022-03-31 08:47:15

2, The address 1FZSceSwwRFAcgoAHE3Nc5p4h2cxUmKBGT only scammed this one, totaling 0.00135690 BTC.

"ODN" will continue to expose all kinds of fraudulent websites in the darknet, thanks to the screenshots and clues provided by the enthusiastic netizen "justin", and hope that other netizens who have been scammed can come forward to report it actively, please send the screenshots to [email protected].

For more darknet news, please follow "ODN".

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