Dark Web Anti-Fraud: Exposing Scam Sites on the Dark Web, the Deceptive Dark Web Marketplace “BlackMart”

A few days ago "ODN" exposed "DeepMarket", a fraudulent dark web marketplace, which made many people understand the harsh truth that "the dark web is full of scammers and Telegrams are full of scammers" because there are so many such fraudulent dark web markets. This article goes on to expose the fraudulent dark web marketplace: "BlackMart".

In addition to DeepMarket, which was introduced earlier, there is also "BlackMart", a fake dark web marketplace that was reported to "ODN" by enthusiastic user "VB".

"On 'darkmart', I bought $100 from PayPal and the seller didn't transfer the money to me, too many scammers!" he said.

"ODN" went on to visit this dark web scam marketplace "BlackMart" based on the address provided by the user "VB" with the following dark web onion domain name.


The scam marketplace "BlackMart" is also relatively fresh and simple in design, but has just as many features.

The user system is also divided into buyers and resellers (sellers), with buyers able to register themselves and resellers only able to submit a form request.

The product categories include "credit cards, money transfers, gift cards, counterfeit currency, stolen documents and electronic products", which is less of an adult product than "DeepMarket".

In terms of website development, the marketplace is based on the Apache architecture and is built using PHP+Mysql, which should be modified from the open-source eCommerce code and is compatible with mobile access.

Elsewhere, the marketplace offers an order tracking page and an info page that describes.

Tracking: Tracking #ID will emailed to you immediately after payment. It may take upto 4 hours on Weekends, please don't be discouraged.

Shipment Time: Your order will be securely packed and shipped within 6 hours of receiving payment. DHL & UPS ships Monday-Friday and not on holidays. FEDEX ships Mon-Sat. We will mail FEDEX packages on the same day if payment is received before 2pm EST.

Packaging & Labeling: Small orders are shipped inside magazines or binders, Large orders are shipped in boxes with labeling to appear like an Ebay or Amazon.com package. Additional stealth precautions are taken that we don’t publicly share. Please let us know if you have any special requirements.

Items via Email (Gift Cards, Transfers etc): Items that are sent by email do not need to enter name, street etc. when ordering. You can enter XXX instead. Usually you will receive an answer within 1 hour.

It looks very realistic, but those who have read the "ODN" introduction to the "DeepMarket" scam will be able to identify the scam, which is very simple to analyze.

1. The delivery page is a very simple one. The page is drawn through the world map: delivery to North America 5 to 7 days, South America 9 to 10 days, Europe 5 to 7 days, Asia 9 to 10 days, Africa 8 to 11 days, and Oceania more than 12 days. Although it is not clear where the "delivery" is, this timeliness is estimated that today's well-known courier can not do.

2. The same false star rating. Under each product is actually shown all the evaluation of the goods, and actually no time; fishy is that although not all evaluations are five-star reviews, marked 2-star 3-star evaluation content is appreciated.

3. There is no silver bullet guarantee for merchants. The market has a guaranteed page, claiming the existence of a dark net top guarantee provider (The Escrow) at http://escrowkwttyhfyab3clkln7lfveyg7pfdwsv5vner35mhg7oaqz5uiid.onion, regardless of whether this guarantee provider is reliable, and how can prove The Escrow page claims the existence of a top dark web guarantor (The Escrow) at, regardless of whether the guarantor is reliable and how it can prove their relationship, and why he didn't write Musk's Twitter feed to vouch for it.

This, coupled with the fact that "VB" continues to be a guinea pig, confirming the transfer of bitcoins and then not following up, confirms that the marketplace is a fraudulent site.

"ODN" has analyzed the bitcoin payments made by "VB" to PayPal.

1. The payment address is: 1Ew2p4wsQDLCC3CQNmSMeegPGd14zcdnDY, the transaction hash is: 809fb8b4d1d7709ac8e3508ee77227313e0ce9be179e1c60401514e45eb5181c, the time is: 2022-10-19.

2. Analysis of the address 1Ew2p4wsQDLCC3CQNmSMeegPGd14zcdnDY, a total of 0.0048 BTC scammed in a few days in October.

"ODN" will continue to expose other dark web scam markets and websites, thanks to the tips provided by enthusiastic netizen "VB".

For more news on the dark web, please follow "ODN".

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