Dark Web Anti-Fraud: Exposing Fraudulent Sites on the Dark Web, the Deceptive Dark Web Market “DeepMarket”

With the deterioration of the world economy, "ODN" has received more and more reports from enthusiastic netizens about dark web scam sites, in addition to fake dark web marketplaces set up by scammers, there are also dark web navigators promoting these fake marketplaces for scams. Therefore, "ODN" launched a topic of exposing the dark web scam sites, exposing those scam sites on the dark web one by one. This article exposes the fraudulent dark web marketplace: "DeepMarket".

Recently, netizen "VB" reported to "ODN" several fake dark net trading markets, one of which is "DeepMarket", he said.

I bought their PayPal, but the seller said he didn't receive the money; I bought a bank card from another website, which is also a scam, and there is no tracking number.

"ODN" according to the address provided by the user to visit this dark network fraud market "DeepMarket", and then confirmed that the site is indeed fraudulent.

The dark web onion domain name of the dark web fraud market "DeepMarket" is: http://deepmarli2lyewdfmx62ym2suhg32elt7rpnra2bgdg26qms7hqyecyd.onion

The dark web scam market named "DeepMarket" is beautifully designed and fully functional, making it difficult to identify that it is a scam site run by scammers.

From the website development, the marketplace's interface is not crude, very much like a normal e-commerce website, and is made mobile-compatible.

In terms of product categories, the marketplace sells a wide range of "credit cards, money transfers, gift cards, counterfeit currency, hacked documents, electronics, pornography, and adult products".

In terms of site functionality, the marketplace has a user module, product module, customer service module, SMS module, etc., and a star rating system for vendors and products, making the overall site very comprehensive.

From the payment means, the marketplace only supports bitcoin, but does not support top-ups, and requires that payment must be made when purchasing goods, and the bitcoin address is different for each payment.

In general, the dark web scam market "DeepMarket" has a certain degree of confusion, and because of this, it is estimated that more people will fall for the scam. But "ODN" can still accurately analyze many points that make people suspicious: 1.

1, the fraudulent website does not have a supplier registration system. Then each category but there are many suppliers, and generally, such administrators add their fake suppliers.

2, the star rating of the fraudulent website is relatively false. First, the time is relatively new, even today there are a few comments; second, for almost all five-star ratings, the evaluation is positive, and fake, which can not do on eBay or Taobao.

3, the fraudulent website on the Internet has almost no record. Only a few entries are also inquiring whether it is a fraudulent website, so the possibility of fraudulent websites is high.

4, the fraudulent website on Youtube has been more easily identified as a fraudulent promotional video. The video address is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDfMasAo3Yk, and the channel name is: Dare Adetayo, registered on March 7, 2022, there is only 1 video, the content is to exchange the card for money, which too fake!

Plus the enthusiastic netizen "VB" said "after buying it will not return to your information, I used a small number to register to find the original seller immediately replied to me", this fraud routine has identified the dark network marketplace as a fraudulent site.

"ODN" has analyzed the bitcoin payment of the "VB" purchase card.

1, the payment address is: 1FKqt3g3m26fdaa2gFNvbECCZtPeBgyzwS, the transaction hash is: 90f54403762f8c3be2a09818c1a1cebc769cfbcc79cde829a5750c9e66856070, the transaction time is: 2022-10-23 19:20

2, the scammer will BTC to the main wallet address: bc1qvykw8gjxlvm3clwn5wagl60gtazsxzavr3wvrv, the transaction hash is c2631f8030f9cc9528aadd021fe9165f29702cefb1ba0225be64598d49a5377a on 2022-10-29

3, the fraudster will cheat the 0.2 BTC attributed to the main wallet transferred to the address assigned to him by the mixed coin website: bc1qz27knygfdgwnk3v4dvhrw5cq4wak3h4tum8gsx, the transaction hash is: 811f4138acbcfdd46b29ae99bd702204ed98a29b1e855587f756ac4695654412, the transaction time is: 2022-10-29

4, identified its money laundering site as the mixed coin site fixedfloat.com.

Another bitcoin address belonging to the scammer who operates the dark web fraud market is: 1QBZ3xdEWQgk1CN49qkNjePcAW5vE7umB2, the coins have not yet been transferred, and have been successfully scammed 63, the total amount of 0.34761310 BTC.

"DeepMarket" has been included in the dark net blacklist, next "ODN" will continue to expose other dark net markets and navigation, thanks to enthusiastic netizens "VB" to provide Thanks for the tip.

For more dark web news, please follow "ODN".

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