Breaking: third edition of BreachForums shut down again by authorities?

The third version of BreachForums has once again suffered a huge blow, with both the clearnet and dark web sites inaccessible, administrator ShinyHunters' Telegram account deleted, and BreachForums' new channel and Jacuzzi 2.0 chat group similarly deleted.

vx-underground tweeted that ShinyHunters, the group (person?) responsible for administrating Breached has disappeared. Breached is offline on both clearnet and Tor. Additionally, Shiny's Telegram and Telegram Channel have been deleted. People are speculating they've been arrested ¯_(ツ)_/¯

vx-underground says only thing we know for sure is that it's Sunday. We dislike when things happen on Sunday.

DarkWebInformer summarizes the final hour of BreachForums:

  • Clearnet and Tor sites go down
  • Shiny's Telegram account gets deleted
  • BreachForums Announcements Telegram channel goes blank
  • Jacuzzi 2.0 Telegram chat gets deleted.

As tested by "ODN", the clearnet website of BreachForums ( is currently indicating a 502 error:

502 – Bad Gateway . That’s an error.

Looks like we have got an invalid response from the upstream server. That’s all we know.

A visit to the BreachForums dark web site (breached26tezcofqla4adzyn22notfqwcac7gpbrleg4usehljwkgqd.onion) resulted in the message “Onionsite Not Found”:

Onionsite Not Found

Details: 0xF0 — The requested onion service descriptor can’t be found on the hashring and therefore the service is not reachable by the client.

Everything is confusing, so far it looks like ShinyHunters' account was deleted by Telegram, but some users have commented that Baphomet has been an FBI informant for some time, even though there is no press release; BreachForums is in a bad way, with ShinyHunters being banned from Telegram for no reason, and the site is down for no apparent reason. In any case, trust in BreachForums is at an all-time low.

Aegis, another admin of BreachForums, posted an announcement with a PGP signature on its official channel, revealing that it appears that Telegram has disabled ShinyHunters' account, which means that the channel may soon be deleted by Telegram. As a temporary solution, it will post its next announcement on the channel ( But so far, there is no other explanation. In a comment on the article "BreachForums Getting Hit Again” by dark web expert "Sam Bent”, which was retweeted later, renowned information security expert "Vinny Troia” stated that Shiny is done. In response, Aegis commented, "Vinny we didnt order a Yappacino; btw Sam bent could you promote this channel in your LinkedIn? 🤔

Hash: SHA256


It seems telegram banned ShinyHunters account. which means this channel can be deleted soon by telegram

As a temp solution i will do the next announcements in my channel


For those unfamiliar, BreachForums is a dark web platform (also accessible on the clearnet) known for discussing and exchanging information about data breaches and cybersecurity related issues.It is frequented by hackers and cybersecurity enthusiasts.This recent wave of closures and deletions suggests serious turmoil within the community.

BreachForums has been through a number of FBI crackdowns in the recent past, as well as the relaunch of a new version, and "ODN" will continue to keep an eye on the fate of BreachForums.

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