US authorities seized former domain name of shuttered dark web hacking site BreachForums

U.S. authorities confirmed that three months after arresting its administrator Fitzpatrick, they have seized two domains associated with the BreachForums portal: and The BreachForums website is a recognized data breach forum, accessible on both the dark and explicit web, for leaking databases and information stolen in the attack.

Although the site's owner, Conor Fitzpatrick, aka Pompompurin, was detained by authorities in March, the domain name associated with the site remains active, although access to it displays messages related to server errors. This suggests that authorities may still not have full control of the domain's infrastructure at that time.

However, recently the domain name on the BreachForums website has started to display a seizure message from the authorities (an indication that it has been seized), along with an indication that the domain will be associated with the portal, which now appears to have been seized by them.

When a domain name is seized by the authorities, it usually always displays the same generic message - an image informing that the domain name has been seized. Interestingly, the image currently displayed on the forum also shows Pompompurin's forum cartoon avatar, but in handcuffs.

Meanwhile, the personal domain name of Pompompurin's website has been seized by the authorities, displaying the same message.

Please note that even though the website domain has been seized, the BreachForums forum's dark web address on the Tor network still works fine without any warnings, just displaying a 404 error message.

It is important to remember that since the arrest of the original portal and its administrators, some former members with close ties to Pompompurin have started creating their alternative versions, and there are already several existing versions, including some sites also created by imitators.

For example, the Exposed forum, which had reaped widespread popularity for leaking Raidforums' user database, was once considered a replacement for the Breached forum, which had announced its closure.

"Baphomet", a partner of "Pompompurin", announced the relaunch of the Breached forum a few weeks after it was shut down, stating that the new Breached forum's address is

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