The Journey to the Dark Web – Another Website Monitoring the Survival of Dark Web Onion Domains:

Two years ago, "ODN" introduced a website,, which monitors the survival of dark web onion domains. Many users suggested that there is another authoritative website with similar functions, namely not only monitors the survival of dark web onion domains but also keeps a record of the dark web's history. It tracks the normal operational and downtime of dark web sites and provides data on phishing sites related to the dark web, making it worth recommending to everyone.

Similar to and onion666, provides reliable navigation links for the heavily crime-infested dark web and displays just over 50 dark web sites. On the details page of each dark web site, shows the PGP-signed onion web address links and i2p web address links (if available). While the dark web sites listed by are generally reliable, it explicitly states that it does not guarantee any site. These dark web sites have not paid for display positions or advertisements, essentially serving as a disclaimer for, as any dark web site in the anonymous world has the potential for transformation. records the normal operational and downtime of these dark web sites, marking dark web sites undergoing long-term downtime in red, those under DDoS attacks or maintenance in orange, and others in white. For sites with a potential "exit scam," promptly provides warnings and removes their links. also documents the history of the dark web, summarizing recent and past events on the dark web through a timeline dating back to 2010. Data is sourced from various websites including, OnionTree, Darknetlive, The Tor Times, and Dread.

Valuably, lists over 200 domain names related to the dark web on the clear web, stating that these are scam or phishing sites. It advises all users not to trust them, aligning well with the ethos that "ODN" has always advocated. The internet lacks such pure websites, and the dark web lacks just websites. Currently, it seems that both and are commendable. darknet v3 domain:
http://tortaxi2dev6xjwbaydqzla77rrnth7yn2oqzjfmiuwn5h6vsk2a4syd.onion i2p web domain:

Clearnet domain name: email address:
[email protected]

Additionally, has established sub-forums on two well-known dark web forums, Dread (/d/TorDotTaxi) and Pitch (@TorDotTaxi), where users can provide feedback or suggestions.

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