Monitoring of onion domain surviving site’s dark web mirror V3 onion domain launched is a directory site for dark web domains and a site that monitors the survival of dark web onion domains. Recently, its darknet V2 domain name darkfailllnkf4vf.onion has stopped serving, and the V3 domain name has been launched. regularly updates the real and verified onion addresses of various Tor services and monitors whether they are alive. If you plan to use dark web trading markets or similar services provided by Tor, it really helps to avoid phishing attacks.

These days, many opportunistic scammers have established phishing webpages targeting the dark web trading market and other Tor services. Once a dark web user visits these phishing websites, their cryptocurrency is likely to be stolen. also monitors the uptime and downtime of the website, which is meaningful to those who monitor certain websites (for example: drug trading markets, cryptocurrency trading websites, etc.) – downtime may indicate receipt Denial of service attack, hacker attack or has been seized by law enforcement agencies.

Similar to the onion666 dark web directory, the dark web sites indexed by are mainly various news sites, various dark web trading markets, and some cryptocurrency service sites, such as the .onion addresses of the New York Times, Facebook, DuckDuckGo and other sites. dark web V3 domain name:

Clearnet domain name:

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