Reddit has already launched its dark web V3 domain in October 2022

Reddit is a social news website and forum where registered users can post images or text posts according to Reddit's content guidelines and individual rules for each Reddit sub-section, and they can also comment on other people's posts.

Posts made by members of the Reddit site (also known as Reddit users) can be voted on by registered users, and the results are used to rank and determine its position on the front page or subpage.

The Reddit website consists of hundreds of sub-communities (called subreddits). Each Reddit subreddit has a specific topic, such as news, video games, movies, music, books, fitness, food, and photo-sharing. Reddit's home page (often referred to as the front page) consists of the most popular posts in each default Reddit subreddit. The default list is pre-determined and includes "Pictures", "Funny", "Videos", "News", and "Games". "Games" subsections.

Reddit is currently the fifth largest website in the United States, behind Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon, with 330 million monthly users.

In October 2022, Reddit launched the "Onion Service" on Tor and made an official announcement.

Reddit's announcement stated that, as you know, the Onion Service allows users to browse the Internet anonymously, and that Tor is free, open-source software that enables such anonymous communication and browsing. It's an important tool often used by journalists, human rights activists, and others facing the threat of surveillance or censorship. Reddit has always been accessible via Tor, but with the launch of the official version of the Onion Service, the user experience when browsing the Reddit site on Tor has been improved: faster loading times, and a more efficient way to navigate through the Tor network. Faster loading times, shorter network hops over the Tor network and eliminates the chance of Reddit being blocked or someone maliciously monitoring a user's traffic, as well as encrypting the user's connection directly to

Reddit says its goal in offering the Onion service is to give users access to most of the site's functionality, which includes standard post/comment features. While some features won't work with JavaScript disabled, the core browsing features should work fine. If users happen to notice a problem, feel free to report it on r/bugs and it will investigate and deal with it.

Reddit also thanked Alec Muffett (@AlecMuffett) in the announcement, as well as all the work done by the predecessors who helped build the enterprise-grade Onion toolkit on which their release was largely based. reddit said it will open source the Kubernetes deployment model to help modernize the existing codebase and share its signaling enhancements to help detect and stop abusive behavior against the new Onion service.

Reddit's V3 domain name starts with Redditor, and its technician necromancer said Reddit's onion domain name was generated using the mkp224o ( tool, and fortunately, the " Luckily, the prefix "reddit" isn't too long, so it ran for about a month on a spare device, generated 37,000 addresses, and picked the one it's using now.

Reddit is also now on the Tor Project's recommended links, and the Tor Project has provided it with a friendly link.

Reddit's dark web V3 domain:


Reddit's clearnet domain:

Old style:


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