Tor2Door, one of the largest dark web trading marketplaces, has been rendered inaccessible, rolled up a large amount of cryptocurrency, speculated to be an exit scam

Tor2Door is one of the largest dark web marketplaces in 2023, "ODN" recently found that Tor2Door is no longer accessible, according to the feedback of many users of the Dread forums, Tor2Door's closure is not a system failure but is suspected to be an exit scam.

A few days ago, tweeted that the darknet marketplace Tor2door had "exit scam", and that the cryptocurrency balances of a large number of pending orders between buyers and sellers hosted on the marketplace had been embezzled. The tweet was replied to by several people who questioned whether Tor2door was a honeypot, and while the honeypot could not be confirmed, Tor2door is indeed gone.

Several weeks ago, the darknet marketplace Tor2Door was rendered inaccessible, with Dread forum moderator Samwhiskey posting an announcement titled "Tor2Door Megathread", stating that the downtime of Tor2Door seemed to be making people nervous, but that there was no further information about what was happening. There's no further information on what's going on, but it doesn't help that forum users are posting endlessly about the "exit scam" and the helpful thing to do is to create a big thread where forum users gather all the discussion about Tor2Door in one easy-to-find post.

Samwhiskey said in their announcement that they all hope that everything is going well with the Tor2Door Market and that it is just a glitch or update, but things change, and in the past many darknet marketplaces have dropped out without warning, and now or in the future any darknet marketplace could drop out. samwhiskey cautions all darknet users to follow the rules and not to spend more money than they're willing to lose (on darknet marketplaces). Spend more money than you are willing to lose. samwhiskey said that any posts about the Tor2Door Market outside of this thread will be deleted, and in the meantime, they will attempt to contact the Tor2Door Market staff.

Dread forum user Acadia said in a reply post that he had contacted the administrator of the Tor2Door Market, who said that the Tor2Door Market had a "huge bug" that needed to be fixed, so he didn't think it was an exit scam. the administrator told him that there was something wrong in real life, although he did not specify what it was.

As a result, Acadia believes that the Tor2Door Market will be back, and he states that the Tor2Door Market's mirror on the open-source website: is still up and running; and that at his suggestion, the Tor2Door Market's administrators have purchased a new domain to use as a mirror.

In early replies to the announcement, several Tor2Door Market users commented that they had experienced successful withdrawals in the 12 hours before the site going down and that this did not appear to be an "exit scam" fraud, preferring to believe that the site was inaccessible due to a site update or DDoS attack; however, in more recent replies to the announcement, people commented on the fact that the site was still up and running and that the administrator had purchased a new mirror of at his suggestion. recent responses to the announcement, people seem to accept the fact that the Tor2Door Market is shutting down for good, even stating that "Tor2Door was one of the longest-running marketplaces on the dark web, and great things don't last forever. "

As confirmed by "ODN", the Tor2Door Market's darknet domain (http://jtli3cvjuwk25vys2nveznl3spsuh5kqu2jcvgyy2easppfx5g54jmid.onion) is currently unavailable, while the two mirror sites and are also inaccessible, and it is not known if they are officially owned by the Tor2Door Market.

Although less than two years old, before its closure, Tor2Door Market was one of the largest dark web marketplaces with a large selection of physical and digital products. It had a completely original design and its administrators claimed that they coded the marketplace from scratch, which gave the Tor2Door Market a unique feel and was easy to navigate.

"ODN" will be watching to see if Tor2Door Market is an "exit scam" and what happens to the other marketplaces on the dark web.

Stay tuned to "ODN" for more dark web news.

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