Flugsvamp 3.0, Sweden’s Largest Dark Web Drug Marketplace, Announces Permanent Shutdown

Flugsvamp 3.0 is Sweden's largest dark web drug marketplace, developed in the legacy of Flugsvamp and Flugsvamp 2.0 dark web marketplaces. However, Flugsvamp 3.0 has nothing in common with its predecessors and the creators simply borrowed the name to gain better exposure to the market.

Flugsvamp 3.0 is a relatively new site that has been on the rise since 2018 and remains active today.Flugsvamp 3.0 can only be accessed through the Tor browser, where users' browsing movements are hidden and extremely difficult to track.

The site has been compared to a drug blocket or Tradera, where essentially all forms of drugs other than fentanyl are sold, such as all types of prescription drugs, opiates, psychotropic substances and even stimulant substances. According to police, the Flugsvamp website charges a 4% fee for each sale.

Flugsvamp 3.0 is said to have made about 30 million Swedish kronor selling drugs and narcotics to people through the so-called dark web. Swedish police have been engaged in a protracted battle with Flugsvamp, the country's largest dark web marketplace for drugs.

However, a recent announcement on the site announced that version 3.0 of the dark web trading site Flugsvamp has now been permanently shut down, due to both personal factors and external circumstances.

All data from the site, including backups, has been deleted to protect those who used the site, and any remaining balance will be donated to an organization trying to secure the future of the dark web. But the site's forums will remain open for some time to come so that customers can stay in touch with their favorite sellers.

Since this trading site has been shut down twice before, it is highly unlikely that another Flugsvamp 4.0 will appear in the future.

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