There are no hidden corners – illegal transactions in the “dark web”

What is the "dark web"? How to use the "dark web" to make illegal profits? Recently, Ruan Mou used the so-called "dark web" in the case of Ruan Mou suspected of infringing on citizens' personal information, which was examined and prosecuted by the Procuratorate of Youjiang District, Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The "dark web" illegally obtained citizens' personal information for the purpose of reselling for profit and was prosecuted.

  Since June 2019, Ruan has used tools to circumvent the Internet, log in to the dark web site through a dark web browser, and illegally obtain railway ticketing system users from overseas by registering to use overseas chat software and using overseas network disks. Data, securities company user data, naked loan data, chess website user data, game website user data, and other large amounts of personal information of citizens are intended to be sold for profit. During the period, Ruan purchased user data of a securities company at a price of RMB 2150 and Bitcoin 0.013 BTC, a total of 15,165 pieces of personal information of citizens (information includes the citizen's name, ID number, mobile phone number, account opening date, account opening broker, transaction Amount). Among the cell phones and desktop computer hosts that the defendant Ruan used to commit the crime, the prosecutor handling the case found out that Ruan had illegally obtained more than 3.22 million pieces of personal information of citizens.

  The prosecutor alleged that Ruan had violated relevant state regulations by illegally obtaining personal information of citizens, the circumstances were particularly serious, and his behavior had violated the provisions of Article 253-1, paragraph 3 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, and was suspected of infringing on individual citizens Information crime.

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