Exposure of a dark net Chinese guaranteed trading market, actually a fraudulent website

"ODN" recently received a report from enthusiastic netizen "Dragonball" that a Chinese darknet secured trading market is a fraudulent website, and said "Yes, I am the one who was cheated", the amount is also huge. What a lesson in blood. The URL address of the dark net website V3 was given by enthusiastic netizen "Dragonball". After receiving the report, "ODN" analyzed the site carefully.

The dark net onion domain name of the fraudulent market provided by enthusiastic netizen "Dragonball" is: http://sdklioxpbd7whqbvhnderrd3dz67rkmdpb4j533xtff34fonqrt4wxyd.onion

Searching in the "666 Dark Web Directory", no link to this website was found. If you visit the website, you can see that the website calls itself "Genuine Chinese Guaranteed Trading Market - a small high-end Chinese secure trading platform Genuine Chinese Guaranteed Trading Market", which is built using WordPress and should be put into use before 2019 at the earliest, when the V2 The domain name is: http://txxh4o2gcjjxhfjg.onion.

The website shows a build time of 2018-06-01 21:51:00 and claims to have been "securely running for 1331 days". The website is full of deceptive words: "This site is extremely strong to protect the rights of users, to kill fraud in the cradle, never a deception can be successful in this site. The safety of buyers' funds is our lifeline." The first thing you need to do is to trust us and make a new start in your life. Meeting you, is the meaning of our efforts."

Popular items on this site include.

100% secure paypal transfer
Super low prices on BTC wallets (double your assets fast)
I'll swipe what you want for you
Dark web credit services (borrowing portal)
Earn 15% BTC in 3 days
SMS sniffing technology equipment for sale GSM Sniffing
Help you with metaphysical methods
Acquire BTC/LTC at 25% over market price
Dark Transfer King 2.3 Chinese Version
Japanese female porn stars let you do whatever you want
Earn millions of dollars a month

Netizen "Dragonball" said "this dog, do a good job all, see the discussion, ah, the site of all kinds of information, and business comments are very real, feel like there is no flaw, the station information in the order to buy before, there are questions will answer. "

However, when the "Dragonball" after the order, the site's webmaster "will play disappear, any way to contact can not, and merchants do not give any response, it is obvious, is cheated. "

Netizen "Dragonball" topped up 0.0746 bitcoins on the site, which was worth about 2,800 knives at the time, with the following transaction record.


AfterUpon inspection, the site did not provide its own bitcoin address, but used blockonomics.co's payment gateway function to collect money. We also remind and suggest "Dragonball" users to report to blockonomics.co's payment site's customer service and provide evidence of being scammed.

"ODN" has recently contacted "666 Dark Web Directory" and requested to join forces with "666 Dark Web Directory" to create a blacklist of Chinese websites on the Darknet, for which there is obvious fraud and The blacklist will include all websites that are clearly fraudulent and have solid evidence. We are currently waiting for the official response from "666 Dark Web Directory".

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