Yancheng police cut off the network crime black industry chain, more than 50 million pieces of citizen information was sold in the dark web

Yancheng police in the "clean network and clear the chain" special offensive in the first concentrated net operation, successfully solved a "dark network" platform in the resale of citizens' personal information cases, seized more than 50 million pieces of personal information of citizens, arrested 15 suspects, the case involved The money involved amounted to more than 150 million yuan.

At the end of January 2021, the Yancheng City Public Security Bureau's cyber security detachment discovered during the "Net Clean 2021" special operation that a user with the code name "SS52098" was selling personal information of a group of Chinese citizens on a dark web platform. The police found the information of Gu Mou, a resident of the city's Ringshui County, through the picture attached to the web page, and was noted with the words "fresh first-hand data, have financial needs".

According to the victim's recollection, he saw the credit card ad in his circle of friends, contacted the credit card staff, reserved his name, cell phone number, ID number and other personal information, and then received a variety of online loans, POS machines, part-time jobs, such as a variety of harassing phone calls and text messages, unbearable.

The police judge that behind this must be hidden a large black and gray industry chain. Immediately, the Yancheng city and county network security departments quickly set up a case task force, investigation found that from March 2019, "SS52098" users repeatedly through the "dark network" trading platform for the sale of personal information of citizens, an alarming number.

The "dark web" is special and hidden, it can provide the task force with clues to solve the case only a user name, the real identity of the suspect is not known. After the task force police on the network day and night tracking, Jiangxi Li Moumou entered the police field of vision, through in-depth research, the police confirmed the real identity of the dark network account "SS52098" is Li Moumou.

The network security brigade of the Ringshui County Public Security Bureau instructor Han Zhujin introduced, Li Moumou anti-investigation awareness is particularly strong, the use of foreign communication tools to sell citizens' personal information, its up and down line has more than 30 people, and do not know each other. Payment methods are not bank cards, WeChat or Alipay, but through virtual currency transactions, to avoid detection and combat.

So far, Li Moumou as a link to the illegal theft, layers of resale, infringement of citizens' personal information black and gray industry chain gradually clear. According to the police, personal information of citizens in their industry called "material" or "fruit", according to the "material" of the degree of freshness and accuracy to price sales, the day "Material" price in 1 to 2 yuan a, overnight "material" in about 5 cents a.

In the basic understanding of this collection, dumping of citizens' personal information after the identity of the criminal gang, April 25, 2021, Reshui police organized elite forces, set up a number of arrest groups to Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Henan and other provinces to focus on the net, the arrest of Li Moumou and other suspects 15, the scene seized 10 computers, cell phones, 22, seized the citizens involved The information involved more than 50 million, the funds involved in the case amounted to more than 150 million yuan.

"The review found that this criminal group trafficked a huge amount of personal information of citizens, including a wide range of data, which involves the name, ID number, contact information, home address, bank flow and other types of citizen information, and this information is mostly used by downstream fraud groups, lending groups for accurate fraud or marketing, social harm. " Yancheng City Public Security Bureau, the second brigade of cyber security police Li Jianjun introduced, the case has been reported to the Ministry of Public Security to launch a national cluster crackdown.

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