New Zealand darknet market forum’s drug dealer “freshkiwiproduce” sentenced to prison

Jade Scatchard offers a wide range of drugs, including MDMA, through the dark web.

Jade Scatchard is the kind of retailer most people want to buy from.

He tells his customers that he "just wants to make a good deal with good people" as part of his mission to "connect New Zealand with good gear.

But his "gear" was illegal drugs, and his "good deal" landed him in jail.

Scatchard, 38, was sentenced on Thursday in Palmerston North District Court to five years and four months in prison on charges related to his online business.

The factual summary provided to Stuff began like a lecture, explaining how the drug trade developed beyond just buyers going to a small local house and handing over the cash they took out of an ATM.

Scatchard runs his business through the dark web, a form of Internet that can only be accessed through specialized software, configuration or special authorization.

Because of its high level of security and anonymity, it cannot be found through typical search engines.

Although it is home to legitimate users, the protection it offers has also attracted a black market, selling everything from firearms to malware and drugs.

New Zealand has its own marketplace on the Darknet (NZ Darknet Market Forums), called TorMarket, which is primarily concerned with the drug trade, at http://nzdnmfcf2z5pd3vwfyfy3jhwoubv6qnumdglspqhurqnuvr52khatdad. onion.

It operates much like Trade Me, where users can create accounts, buy products sold by vendors and leave reviews. Payments are made in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, which adds a layer of anonymity.

'freshkiwiproduce', the go-to place to buy MDMA, LSD, Viagra and Ritalin

Scatchrad, who is unemployed, created an account on TorMarket under the username "freshkiwiproduce" and also posted on an associated account under the username "freshprincenz1".

He asked people in December 2020 if they wanted "chunky gg parvarti Tears?

Parvati Tears is a type of LSD.

He also posted an offer for 1,000 pieces of LSD for $8,000.

He advertises various drugs at TorMarket for $7/g for LSD, $120/g for MDMA, and $10 or $20/tablet for Ritalin 10 mg and 20 mg.

He even offers bulk purchase deals where people can buy Viagra for $30 a pill or $100 a pill.

He responded to the positive feedback on TorMarket, saying he was "doing my best to provide good gear for New Zealand" and "just trying to make a good deal with good people.

Police analysis of Scatchard's market found that he sold the drug at least 138 times between January 2021 and June 2021 and posted traceable prepaid courier bags across New Zealand.

He made at least $69,700 from ecstasy and $1,690 from Viagra.

He also imported drugs, and customs intercepted a package from Amsterdam to Fielding in June and found food and 10 soup packets containing 5.15 liters of liquid MDMA.

MDMA has a street value in New Zealand of between $65,000 and $90,000 if sold in kilograms.

Scatchard was uncooperative when police searched him in June, refusing to provide the code to his device, not staying in the house and resisting when officers tried to arrest him.

Police found 127 Ritalin pills, $15,770 in cash, more than 100 prepaid courier bags, a labeling machine, vacuum sealer and a manifest.

They also found a large number of purses and wallets in which Scatchard carried the drugs in courier bags.

His TOR profile says the orders "look like everyday mail in your mailbox, with a quirky little stealth decoy.

It's a 'tragedy' - judge

Judge Lance Rowe said he didn't know the exact value of 5.15 liters of liquid MDMA if it was made into pills, but it didn't take a guess to know the amount was large.

Scatchard, the main perpetrator, was the only person between the overseas importer and the user who took significant steps to conceal his identity.

Although he was a methamphetamine addict who took up to a gram a day, the judge said, the facts showed he made more money than he needed to pay off his debts.

His path into the drug trade was not surprising, however; he witnessed and experienced domestic violence as a young man and suffered from undiagnosed ADHD before being exposed to drugs.

"You suffered a trauma that wasn't really addressed, not a reason to self-medicate through drugs." The judge said.

Scatchard was an intelligent man, surrounded by caring people.

"Mr. Scatchard, it's a tragedy to put you in this position." I think you need to focus on the important things in your life, which are your children, your relationships and your family," the judge said.

"If you do that, you're not going to be here anymore."

Dark web post: where did freshkiwiproduce go?

On the night of June 16, 2021, user SnakeVenom posted on the TorMarket marketplace asking "freshkiwiproduce whereabouts?Was looking to buy some of his tabs but noticed he hasn't logged in on Tormarket in 4 days and his last 2 reviews for just the acid listing was negative claiming they haven't heard from him. ""Damn thats unfortunate, hope everything ends well for him."

In his reply, user WhoAreYou quoted freshprincenz1's post about the raid, commenting that "Well you are one stupid vendor aren't you, Hoping for a discount plea with the pigs might as well give your bank details to LE."

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