Dark Web’s Largest Search Engine DuckDuckGo Announces Dark Web V3 Domain

As the V2 elimination time announced by the Tor project is approaching, there will be a warning when the new version of the Tor browser accesses the V2 domain name. Recently, DuckDuckGo, the largest search engine on the dark web, announced its dark web V3 domain name and officially used it.

DuckDuckGo was established in 2008. From the very beginning, the company’s privacy policy was simple: “We do not collect or share personal information.” And because of this, DuckDuckGo has always been the search engine integrated by the Tor browser by default. For more than ten years, DuckDuckGo has been providing a privacy alternative to Google search at https://duckduckgo.com . It also provides a mobile dedicated browser for iOS / Android (DuckDuckGo privacy browser), as well as Firefox , Chrome , and Safari  (DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials) plug-in to protect user privacy.

Compared with Google, DuckDuckGo has three major characteristics:

1. Pay attention to privacy protection   
The words below the DuckDuckGo search box are "Search anonymously, find now." Anonymous search is not an exaggeration. In this case, it means that DuckDuckGo doesn't know who you are when you use it, and can't – and promise not – to connect your search to you.

2. Not collecting and saving user data
DuckDuckGo stated that it will not save the user's IP and other identifiable information including: login credentials for other services, such as user names and email addresses, as well as social media login information, and personal identification stored in browser cookies Character, search date and time, etc.

3. Not saving and sharing search content.
Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo does not provide a "search history" option. It clearly states that it will not record and personal content in searches will not be shared with third-party advertisers.

V3 domain name:
v2 domain name:

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