Dark web forum breachforums is back to normal after its clearnet domain was briefly seized by the FBI

"ODN" has discovered that the re-launched Breachforums, a dark web forum for exchanging leaked data, has been using the open domain name "breachforums.is", which was briefly seized by the FBI yesterday, but has been restored to normal today. The domain was briefly seized by the FBI yesterday, but has been restored to normal today.

Yesterday, Breachforums administrator Shiny Hunters (@shinycorp) suddenly stated in his Telegram group that Feds seized the BF domain, and further retweeted the seizure note provided by the domain's registrar: "several law enforcement requests because of the content on your forum. For legal reasons we have suspended the domain".

His many fans then responded with abuse and inquired about alternative domain names, recommending "breachforums.army" and "breachforums.gov", "breachforums.mil" and even "breachforums.feds". Some members of the group asked why the FBI did not seize the infamous "xss.is" and "exploit.in" domains (Russian dark web forums). Some members of the group suggested it was time to move to .ru domains and ban Russia-specific posts, while others said it was too bad that registering a .cn domain required someone in China to go to a police station and file paperwork.

Administrator arm (@carve) suggested in the Telegram group that people use Tor to access breachedforums' dark web domain: breachedu76kdyavc6szj6ppbplfqoz3pgrk3zw57my4vybgblpfeayd.onion, but most of the group members suspected that the dark web was too slow. access is too slow, and solicited a solution. The administrator arm (@carve) explained again in the group that the domain registrar was asked to suspend the domain according to the police requirements and DMCA regulations, and that it was not the domain that was hacked, so they decided to transfer the domain to a new registrar.

Soon after, administrator arm (@carve) announced in the group that the domain name "breachforums.is" was back to normal after the change of registrar.

Attention telegram chimps:

We have changed registrars and we have recovered the domain.

https://breachforums.is is back up, if it’s still giving you an error, just wait a while for dns to propagate.

"ODN" checks that the operator behind breachforums has transferred the domain to "FlokiNET ehf", an Icelandic operator that supports a variety of payment methods, especially virtual currencies, such as DASH, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., as well as normal payment methods such as OK Pay, Perfect Money, Western Union, PaySafeCard, PayPal, MoneyGram, cash by mail and bank transfers.

FlokiNET has been providing web hosting and domain registration services to customers across Europe since its inception in 2012. Its data centers are located in Iceland, Finland, and Romania, countries known as havens for free speech, journalism, and whistleblowing, and in September, the anonymous email service Protonmail used FlokiNET's hosting services as well.

As tested by "ODN", breachforums.is is now accessible.

Stay tuned to "ODN" for more news on the dark web.

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