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    English-language dark web marketplace Versus announces closure after hacking attack

    Launched three years ago, the Versus dark web marketplace was very popular among the cybercrime community, offering drugs, coin mixing, hacking services, stolen payment cards and the buying and selling of compromised databases. After discovering a serious vulnerability that could have allowed access to its database and exposed the IP addresses of its servers, the administrators of the Versus marketplace chose to shut down the site.
    admin 2022-05-30
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    4 Big Dark Web Markets to Watch in April 2022

    After Russia's largest dark web marketplace, Hydra, was shut down a few days ago by German and U.S. police, there is speculation about who will be the next "leader" in the industry among the remaining dark web marketplaces.
    admin 2022-04-12
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    Top Global Dark Web Trading Markets in January 2022

    This article is a list of the top global dark web marketplaces as of January 2022. While there is no definitive top dark web marketplace, it is likely that providers in pre-closed dark web marketplaces will migrate to any of the five dark web marketplaces in this article.
    admin 2022-01-06