Top Global Dark Web Trading Markets in January 2022

2021 has ended and it has been a very interesting year for the dark web trading market. It started with breaking news when Dark Market, the largest dark web marketplace, was seized by the German police, then there were some exit scams for smaller marketplaces like Aurora Market, followed by a quiet period until October when one after another of the largest dark web marketplaces were shut down one after another, surprisingly without carrying out exit scams.

First White House Market announced its exit, a month later Cannazon did the same, and just a few weeks ago ToRReZMarket announced the same.

With three of the largest dark web markets announcing their withdrawal without stealing user funds, the top of the dark web market has changed dramatically, and there is no clear "winner" at the top of the current list of dark web markets.

While there is no clear top dark web market, providers in the pre-closed dark web markets are likely to migrate to any of the following five dark web markets.

World Market

Due to the relaunch of the Alphabay marketplace (also on our list), World Market has just recently changed its design (again) and now no longer resembles the Alphabay marketplace (hopefully they are the last ……).

World Market has gained a lot of new vendors and users in the last year, and has grown a lot especially after the collapse of White House Market.

World Market had a lot of arguments with Dread in the past, but since they went back to Dread, they focused on improving the market, so they are now one of the biggest dark web marketplaces.

Dark0de Market

Dark0de Market has always had a more unique design that many users don't like, however, despite having some unusual marketplace looks, it has many features that other marketplaces don't have, such as live exchanges, automated stores, direct payment options, and gift card options.

Users who can get used to the design will find many new vendors and listings with good support, but the deposit and withdrawal system is a bit slow.

Versus Market

Versus Market is now the oldest dark web marketplace, having been online for almost 3 years. Although it has been slow to grow, many vendors are now setting up store in Versus Market and its popularity has risen a lot in the last few months.

Versus Market differs from the previously mentioned dark web marketplaces in that Versus does not have an on-site wallet and most users must use multiple signatures as a way to protect users and sellers from exit scams or marketplace seizures. While it has the option to pay with Monero (without the multi-signature option), Versus limits the number of orders each vendor can make with Monero to "force" users to use Bitcoin and multi-signatures. For new users, using Versus Market can be tricky.

CannaHome Market

Like the Versus Market, the CannaHome Market has been around for over 2 years and is an alternative to CGMC with the same design and admin.

CannaHome is different from all the other dark web markets on our list because it only allows the sale of cannabis and mushroom products and only allows vendors and buyers from the United States.

Of course, this marketplace has nothing to do with non-US buyers, and sadly, with Cannazon's retirement a few months ago, non-US users will have to go to the "normal" marketplace to find their favorite cannabis and mushroom products.

CannaHome does not have an on-site wallet and, like Versus Market, strongly encourages users to use multiple signatures in Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Alphabay Market

The new Alphabay Market relaunched in August 2021 under the former co-administrators of the original Alphabay DeSnake and quickly attracted many vendors and users and is now one of the top dark web marketplaces online.

Alphabay continues to push new updates to the marketplace, but still only supports Monero coins, which could scare off new users in the dark web marketplace space.

If users can get over the issues of using Monero, they will find a very good marketplace with great support and many new providers and drugs now listed. We expect AlphaBay to become the largest dark web marketplace in 2022, just as it was before it was recaptured in 2017.

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