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    Website data from dark web marketplace Hydra handed over to Ukrainian law enforcement

    Germany handed over to Ukrainian security forces materials obtained as a result of the seizure of the Hydra dark web marketplace, which allowed Ukraine to begin detaining citizens involved in Hydra's work, and arrests of those involved are now taking place simultaneously in several Ukrainian cities.
    admin 2022-06-05
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    German Municipality of Schlissheim informs hundreds of citizens about dark web data

    The city of Schlissheim, Germany, informed hundreds of citizens about the dark web data. About a month ago, unidentified individuals hacked into the city's IT systems, and these cybercriminals used malware ("ransomware") to encrypt the city's servers. They did not demand a ransom, but threatened to release the data on the dark web. After the deadline passed, their stolen internal documents were leaked on the Dark Web.
    admin 2022-05-19