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    ASAP Market’s “Exit Scam” Sparks Panic

    It seems that after HugBunter's confirmation, the issue has indeed been resolved and it has been reconfirmed that shopping on ASAP Market is safe. However, users should still be careful about keeping large amounts of money in any dark web marketplace wallet, as any dark web marketplace can "exit the scam" at any time.
    admin 2022-07-05
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    Top 5 international dark web marketplaces still online in June 2022

    In this article, we will list the top 5 dark web marketplaces in the world, which means that these residual dark web marketplaces are where some criminals operate, so as always, it is important to emphasize that "the security of these sites cannot be guaranteed" and advise people not to buy anything illegal on the dark web.
    admin 2022-06-09