Top 5 international dark web marketplaces still online in June 2022

As previously reported, the dark web marketplace Versus Market, was hacked in just a few days and after the marketplace was compromised, the administrators eventually decided to shut down the site. Although the marketplace's administrators promised to release funds to vendors, so far this promise does not seem to have been kept.

With Versus Market, the largest dark web marketplace, once again deciding to shut down its store, 2022 is halfway over and most of the dark web marketplaces that went live in late 2021 are now offline. But new dark web marketplaces have risen to fill the void left by many of the dark web marketplaces that have "earned their retirement" or "exited the scam".

In this article, we will list the top 5 dark web marketplaces in the world, which means that these remaining dark web marketplaces are where some criminals operate, so as always, it is important to emphasize that "the security of these sites cannot be guaranteed" and advise people not to buy anything illegal on the dark web.

First, AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay Market was relaunched in August 2021, less than a year ago, and now it is officially the largest dark web marketplace. The reason for its rise is not only because it is a good dark web marketplace, but mainly because since AlphaBay's return, many dark web marketplaces have been shut down due to "exit scams".

In the past few months, AlphaBay has been involved in several "scandals" and DeSnake (AlphaBay market administrator) has been very active, posting daily on Dread, where he managed to post some of the exploits he found, first on Archetyp Market, which led to Admin on Archetyp Market to close his sub-section on Dread, and then on Versus Market which caused the Versus Market admin to close his marketplace recently.

With nearly 600,000 users and 8,000 vendors, AlphaBay has now grown to become the new world's largest dark web marketplace. The important point about AlphaBay is that it is a Monero-only dark web marketplace.

The dark web address of AlphaBay Marketplace: http://alphabay522szl32u4ci5e3iokdsyth56ei7rwngr2wm7i5jo54j2eid.onion

Second, ASAP Market

Shortly after Versus Market chose to shut down, ASAP Market (formerly known as ASEAN Market) has seen an influx of vendors and buyers who are looking for new places to pay with bitcoin and buy their favorite products on the dark web.

ASAP Market is using a new script that many other vendors are also using, such as HeinekenExpress and WeAreAMSTERDAM, and allows users to pay with Bitcoin and Monero.

While there are many product listings in the ASAP Market right now, the biggest problem with the ASAP Market is that the marketplace is constantly under DDoS attacks, causing it to be offline for long periods of time.

ASAP Market's darknet address: http://52a66fzozetb4j2nucqpbr2aima7nnlwjv3v56xnbrfojgui6sc5hqyd.onion

Third, Abacus Market

Abacus Market, which originally used the name AlphaBet Market and looked almost identical to the old version of AlphaBay Market, was at a very bad time as it was only 1 month before the new AlphaBay Market was relaunched. Due to the outcry from the dark web community, the administrators of that market decided to rename the dark web market, changing the name and design to look a little different from AlphaBay.

Now, Abacus Market has attracted many buyers and continues to grow with vendor and item listings, and unlike the new AlphaBay Market, it does offer Bitcoin support, which many buyers in the dark web market space want to use. The Abacus Market is fairly easy to use for those who have used the AlphaBay Market or even many AlphaBay-lookalike dark web marketplaces like Empire Market.

Abacus Market's dark web address: http://abacusnoepyuw5qqq5ymqsz56eh7eggxibpst3hve5siimmtz5kydtyd.onion

Fourth, Tor2Door Market

Tor2Door Market is not a new dark web marketplace at all, it has actually been running since 2020, making it one of the older dark web marketplaces available.

Tor2Door Market is a very simple dark web marketplace, it is not as complex as other dark web markets like AlphaBay Market, soldier it also supports Bitcoin (Bitcoin) and Monero (Monero) like most dark web markets.

Tor2Door Market's dark web address: http://qgma4evyuxoqw6zolgk3y5nsjnd7mbzmuqvajlwop3jbakghe34puuad.onion

Fifth, Bohemia Market

Bohemia Market opened a year ago and has attracted a number of buyers and vendors over the past few months due to the recent dark web marketplace closures.

Bohemia Market has a nice blue layout, much like Abacus Market, but with a unique genera design that doesn't look like AlphaBay Market.

Bohemia Market has a lot to do to surpass the previously mentioned dark web marketplaces, but there is no doubt that it will continue to gain more vendors and users.

Bohemia Market's dark web address: http://boh75g7wqppzbw43tvqx2sllihy25qzjmquzqsua5eemq7vxgx6rikqd.onion

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