Dark Web Drug Dealer Arrested During Routine Check at Braunau Train Station, Austria

By chance, Austrian police caught a big fish during a check at Braunau train station. The police caught a drug dealer who was selling his goods through the dark web.

When he saw the police at the Braunau train station, the 25-year-old was clearly nervous. So nervous that the officers noticed him too and checked him out.

Drug dealing on the dark web

It was a direct hit: In the young man's backpack were packages of drugs already packed and ready to be shipped. It was later revealed that the 25-year-old was running a thriving Internet business on the dark web - selling amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana and hashish. He purchased the drugs himself abroad and brought them across the border on the train.

An assessment of the secure data carriers and shipping materials indicated that the arrestee had been active as a so-called "dark web vendor" for several months. In this capacity, he transported more than half a kilogram of synthetic drugs, such as amphetamines, cocaine and marijuana, to a German package store that he rented under a false name. He transported the goods to Austria by train and created shipping labels outside under the pretext of covering his tracks.

Failed escape attempt

Fearing that he would be exposed, he tried to avoid arrest and attempted to escape while being checked by the police at the train station, from which he fled and ran in the direction of a residential area. The police followed him and finally stopped him not far from the train station. Numerous customers were also apprehended as a result of the 25-year-old's record-keeping of customers at his small Braunau mail-order center - the police only had to trace the sales lists and shipping orders.

Illegal transactions on the dark web

The dark web is a part of the Internet that consists of websites that hide their IP addresses from the rest of the Internet. It is used to maintain the anonymity and privacy of Internet activity. It is easier to conduct illegal activities on the dark web because almost all traffic is encrypted. Users can purchase illegal goods or services there, from drugs and weapons to child pornography. It is difficult or impossible for investigators to resist this.

Follow-up police investigation

A search of his luggage and home also revealed 124 grams of amphetamines and 64 grams of marijuana, and the man was taken to Ried im Innkreis prison on suspicion of drug trafficking and assault on patrol officers.

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