Brute force to get a good-looking .onion domain name

It is not surprising to say that it is violent. The domain name of .onion is generated by private key> (rsa)> public key> (sha1)> hash value> (base32 encoding)> get the ugly address .onion This is the same as Bitcoin generating a specific address, but because of the large amount of calculation, everyone will compromise, as long as the first few addresses have personal characteristics.

So the principle is to use a high-performance computing machine and try different private key inputs at a single value to see if there are satisfactory results, such as Facebook's onion address "  facebookcorewwwi.onion  ". It ’s pretty and pretty, and it ’s pretty good to blow up so many people, probably only Facebook and other manufacturers with very large-scale server clusters can do it, because the cryptographic evaluation needs to violently solve such results. 2.6 million years ago, Facebook showed the amazing power of huge computing for Tianren. This is currently the most beautiful domain name on the dark web.

project address:

If there is any kit missing during the operation, there is no way to run

You can enter the following commands:

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

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