Raid on the dark web: US police seized 6.5 million US dollars and 500 kilograms of drugs, 179 people were arrested

The US government announced on Tuesday the largest ever drug seizure on the dark web. The US Department of Justice stated that law enforcement officers arrested 179 people, seized 500 kilograms of drugs, and seized more than 6.5 million U.S. dollars and virtual currency in a global campaign to combat drug trafficking on the Internet.

Raid on the dark web seized 500 kilograms of drugs

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Ray said: “These actions are making it clear to criminals that they can no longer expect to hide on the dark web. Because we can penetrate their networks and close their illegal online markets. And bring it to justice, no matter what measures we take, we will do it."

This large-scale operation is mainly in the United States and Europe. A year ago, law enforcement officers wiped out the "Wall Street Market", the largest online market for illegal drugs.

The US Department of Justice stated that more than 6.5 million US dollars in cash and virtual currency were seized this time, and 500 kilograms of drugs were seized. Among them, 275 kg of drugs including fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and other opioids were seized in the United States.

Among those arrested, 121 were arrested in the United States, 2 were arrested in Canada, 42 were arrested in Germany, 8 were arrested in the Netherlands, 4 were arrested in the UK and Australia, and 1 was arrested in Sweden.

The investigation is still ongoing, and law enforcement officials are still continuing to find other people behind the online account.

Was it actually created by the US military?

The dark web is short for the dark web, which can only be accessed with special software, special authorization, or special settings on the computer.

The dark web is also a paradise for illegal transactions, where anonymous traders trade drugs, fake ID cards, gunpowder, and hacker software and other items prohibited by law. All transactions are conducted secretly through virtual currencies that cannot be monitored by law enforcement officers.

In the fight against the dark web, the United States exhausted its efforts. But the irony is that such a company has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to break into it. The dark Internet world was created by the US military.

The dark web was originally a scientific research project initiated by the US military and was implemented in 2003. It is the famous Tor (short for Onion Router) project. The main purpose of its research and development is to provide Internet users with services to hide their identities. It is precisely because of this feature that the dark web has two sides. On the one hand, it can be used to normally protect the privacy of Internet users, and on the other hand, it can be illegal. Molecule users conceal criminal traces or engage in other malicious acts.

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