Open Source Anonymous Dark Web Submission Platform SecureDrop Releases Version 2.0.0, Removes Support for v2 Onion Services

SecureDrop is an open source anonymous submission platform that media organizations can use to securely accept anonymous documents and communicate with anonymous sources. Originally created by Aaron Swartz and now managed by the Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF), it is designed for media organizations with anonymous submission systems.

SecureDrop recently released version 2.0.0 with a reminder in its new release statement that all Tails workstations should run the SecureDrop graphical updater by June 29, 2021 to ensure they retrieve the new SecureDrop release signing key before the old one expires. An additional step is required to update TailsOS.

The most important update in the new version is the complete removal of support for the v2 onion service, as Tor has officially issued an ultimatum to remove v2. It also fixes some issues with user interface messages displaying in English.

SecureDrop's official Twitter feed says: Ten years ago on this day, the late Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz made his first submission to the open source anonymous breaking news platform SecureDrop. Today, more than 70 news organizations, nonprofits and other groups are using SecureDrop to protect journalists and their sources, many of which can be found in our directory.

SecureDrop officially announced support for the v3 onion service with the release of version 1.0.0 in September 2019, and compatibility with v2 has coexisted with v3 for nearly a year now.

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