Dark Web Anti-Fraud: Exposing Scam Sites on the Dark Web, the Deceptive Dark Web Store “Light Money”

In previous issues of "ODN", we have exposed fraudulent marketplaces on the dark web, such as "Apple World", "DeepMarket", "BlackMart", etc. There are too many such fraudulent dark web marketplaces, and recently many users have reported some websites, so this article continues to expose fraudulent dark web This is a shop that sells credit cards, Paypal, and gift cards, unlike the previous ones.

Not long ago, "tom", an enthusiastic user, reported the fraudulent dark web shop "Light Money" to "ODN", saying.

Please mark "Light Money", it is a dark website that cannot be trusted.
I believed the description so I paid for it, but after that I got nothing and they didn't give any answer.
Please mark it as a scam to prevent more people from getting trapped on this site, thank you.

"ODN" visited this dark web scam shop "Light Money" at the address provided by the user. The dark web onion domain name is:


The interface of this dark web scam shop called "Light Money" is more fancy and sloppy than some of the previous scam marketplaces, and is simple, with no user system or vendor system, i.e. it claims that "the site offers and sells these goods ".

The site presents itself as "The most reliable and fastest store of prepaid cards, PayPal and WU transfers, as well as gift cards.", and on the pages of the site are the details that convinced victims such as "tom" as follows.

Welcome of the world of LIGHTMONEY. We offer a large selection of dark cash transactions at the lowest price. Here you will find credit cards with great balance.

Reliability: Our products are tested by specialists and are fully consistent with the description You can be sure of the honesty of the seller

Delivery: Fast free exspress shipping worldwide. We ship the goods within 24 hours after payment

Support: Technical support is always happy to hear any of your questions we are online 24/7 also check FAQ

We claim to offer "free shipping" (worldwide express shipping), "honesty and trustworthiness" (100% user safety), "7X24 support" (complete after-sales service), "user manuals" (every product is shipped within 24 hours), and "user manuals" (every product is shipped within 24 hours). "User Manual" (detailed manual for each order), "Speed of Service" (shortest possible delivery time for your order), "Redemption Function" (money back guarantee), and other features. services.

But on closer analysis, this fraudulent website is based on Nginx + PHP architecture and is extremely simple in its functionality, with a homepage plus a few static pages and 2 dynamic pages called via Ajax. As a dark web online shop, there is no membership system, which is very minimal, and the dynamic pages are just for outputting random bitcoin payment codes.

The rest of the pages are static, one is a FAQ page, where the questions and answers are based around the question "IS IT SAFE", just to make people trust the site. There is also a contact page, which provides an email address: [email protected].

I am sure that those who have read the previous issues of "ODN" will be able to identify this scam, which is very simple to analyze.

1. Both the FAQ page and the Proofs page look very confusing, but it is obvious that there is no silver lining here: "I am not a fraudulent website, I am safe, I have proof that I am safe".

2. No membership system, no order page, how to prove that the user has submitted an order, and transferred the money is impossible.

3. The email in the screenshot shown on the Proofs page is [email protected],
Perhaps it is a fraudulent email address that has been used before and has not been updated to the latest one: [email protected].

The user "tom" provided some screenshots, one of his payments, and one of his emails with no response.

"ODN" has analyzed the bitcoin payment made by "tom" for the purchase of an "Amazon gift card".

1. The payment address is: 1Mzpqjej6eYtgmtKAEiUtMDn5XnyH4tas3, the transaction hash is: 65b0fa3467854d43b17c5884f1e30749d832b2690caf0fb17941bfd82b2208be, on: 2022-11-10 07:14

2. Analysis of the address 1Mzpqjej6eYtgmtKAEiUtMDn5XnyH4tas3, a total of 34 frauds, a total of 0.12 BTC frauds.

"ODN" combed through the dark web scam shop "Light Money" for bitcoin addresses and came up with the following 8 addresses.

Bitcoin addressNumber of scamsAmount of scams
1Mzpqjej6eYtgmtKAEiUtMDn5XnyH4tas3340.12021252 BTC
1Ma5HSrLoWiLk47G38uqYmvCVYoGgJSZ9M350.11271081 BTC
1MoUiFvBEWn33JiAhPw87Du4NQChNyydt3360.15102719 BTC
17m43T9yWWaygV2MHGXxJ5wy2o4bMBCtMH300.10771330 BTC
1Lv4Gr93CSDSTsZHwsJ4887xUodBkwAbqm390.22164947 BTC
1DAVTkjEk8wSW17nuWrjq3Zkgsx4KgDBNc370.13829081 BTC
164Sdsbr3SyLAn23r1pqJbGA8iVP6CsnjY320.12578509 BTC
1FkG3WJTSzsCFi4adLA1aFWhAyFtfbT5gw320.11912939 BTC

In summary, the scam shop "Light Money" has been successfully scammed 275 times, totaling 1.0965 BTC, which is truly a no-brainer. "ODN" will continue to expose other dark web marketplaces and navigational sites that are suspected of being fraudulent.

For more news on the dark web, please follow "ODN".

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