Exposure of an English-language dark web store selling Apple products, Apple World, verified as a fraudulent website

Recently received enthusiastic netizen "yuwanwan" reported that an English dark net store named "Apple World" selling Apple products is a fraudulent website, and said "don't believe in cheap Apple, just I was cheated 500U", that is, he was scammed for 500 U.S. dollars and lost a lot of money.

After receiving the report, "ODN" visited the dark web site "Apple World" according to the URL address provided by the user, and it was easy to confirm from experience that "Apple We can easily confirm from experience that "Apple World" is indeed a fraudulent website.

"Apple World" dark web onion domain name is: http://appworld55fqxlhcb5vpdzdaf5yrqb2bu2xtocxh2hiznwosul2gbxqd.onion

On the "[666] Dark Web - Onion Directory" website, we can see that the darknet store Apple World has already been placed in the category of "scam sites", and is marked as "I hope more people can see it and avoid being cheated.

On the homepage of "Apple World", we see the title in big letters that reads "watch 8 and ultra available! It probably means "watch available, new ipads and m2 laptops arrive on Oct. 31". But this English, grammar is wrong, normal native English speakers will not write so.

The fraudulent website "Apple World" also provides two email addresses: [email protected], [email protected]

In addition, it also provides an official customer service Telegram number: @appleworldtor

Simple ways to identify the site as a fraudulent site

1. English garbage

The English language throughout the site is a machine flip plus a patchwork of words, whether it is the title or the home page, purchase page, contact us page, or fake feedback page, most of the English phrases show that the fraudulent website should be run by people from non-native English speaking countries, and possibly even Chinese people.

2. Exaggerated words

The website's level of bragging is also quite high. It claims that "all products are new, original, and unlocked." The website claims that "all products are brand new, original and unlocked" and "shipped worldwide. Shipping to your home address is no problem. You can use all Apple services as usual, including the warranty. "Ask the Ukraine, which is currently under the grip of the Russian-Ukrainian war, whether it can be shipped, Apple's official website does not dare to blow so.

3. False comments

There are only a few comments on the feedback page, and there is no time, they are simple phrases, "The best store on the dark web", "The best Apple store on TOR!" ", "Great deals on real products at great prices! ", apparently these are fake comments added by the administrator of the fraudulent website itself.

4. The price is outrageous

The price of a genuinely new and unlocked iPhone 14 series is more than double the price listed on the scam website, which is ridiculously low. If there is such a cheap source, you can sell it on the street, why sell it on the dark web?

5. Anonymous email

The fraudulent website uses an anonymous email address, the website is built on the dark web, no tracing possibility, also basically means that everything is fake. But the speechless is, the purchase page requires customers to provide the real mailbox.

Details of being cheated

Netizen "yuwanwan" on the fraudulent website "Apple World" placed an order to buy an "Apple phone 14 pro,128G", and left an outlook suffix of the real email, in Telegram and notified the site administrator.

Then his real email received an email from the scammer via the email address "[email protected]", which contained the payment USDT address (TRC20): THEqpqzHPNJ1ZNqzcguTGdXjqr73JRWhnE

After the user paid 500.2 USDT to the address using the Binance exchange, the scammer responded on Telegram that "they have received the money and are preparing a package for mailing and will provide a courier number once it is sent".

Then, there was no more, and he have been blacked out.

Chain analysis

1.2022-10-26 12:10:15 The netizen withdrew 500.2 USDT through the Binance exchange, using the TRC20 protocol to the address: THEqpqzHPNJ1ZNqzcguTGdXjqr73JRWhnE and the transaction hash was 7aeac1fdf68ab09a2314000e5506d76fe88f0647cc93ffc3ebed1e387268d8d9

2.2022-10-26 12:18:27 The scammer transferred 500.2 USDT to the address: TAZ7P3MSRpD8LzgppZLrHz3mZzG5ukNHJT, the transaction hash is 3c19a81334bccd3e594bf8c4415eb861f8084b9edd5e195f29496b3ec75c23a3

3.2022-10-26 12:21:24 Scammer transferred 500.2 USDT to the address: TWS1onJnNTg8tJHomceqxBxTsUB1DHh7PV, the transaction hash is 08f1fc87e144acfaeee12cd88ba593455260c65ed63bb616a14c2fb831838830

Check TWS1onJnNTg8tJHomceqxBxTsUB1DHh7PV address, found that the address deposited USDT, USDC, TRX, and other various classes of virtual currency worth more than 163,196 U.S. dollars, equivalent to more than 1.17 million yuan, the probability of the address for the mixed coins, the fraudsters should be through the address to wash away the money.

Analyzing the most original transfer address THEqpqzHPNJ1ZNqzcguTGdXjqr73JRWhnE, the scammer has cheated 1300 USDT in 10 days.

"ODN" once again reminds everyone, please pay attention to identifying fraudulent websites before trading and paying on the dark web, or as the saying goes: "first payment and then goods are all frauds".

For more news about the dark web, please follow "ODN".

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