Onion666 Dark Web Directory, the world’s largest directory on the dark web, has added a category for fraudulent websites

"ODN(Ondarknet.com)" reported a year ago that the world's largest dark web directory in Chinese was renamed "Onion666 Dark Web Directory" and upgraded to a multilingual version, calling itself the world's largest dark web directory. In the past year, "Onion666 Dark Web Directory" has made continuous efforts to progress and develop, and has basically established the fact that it is the largest Chinese dark web directory, and has indeed become one of the largest dark web directories in the world.

"ODN" has seen the efforts of "Onion666 Dark Web Directory" over the past year: 1) marking dark web sites (whether they are certified or scam sites); 2) automatically determining whether a site is offline or not, and not displaying it by default if it has been offline for more than 2 months; 3) removing all v2 domains according to the official requirements of the Tor Project, and keeping only the available v3 domains to ensure availability.

Currently, "Onion666 Dark Web Directory" has the highest number of Twitter followers and Telegram group users in the Chinese dark web community, and "ODN" appreciates the achievements of "Onion666 Dark Web Directory" and will continue to report its every step.

As ODN's influence continues to grow, and as it continues to follow up on Onion666 Dark Web Directory, "ODN" has established a good relationship with "Onion666 Dark Web Directory", and has been in contact with "Onion666 Dark Web Directory" for a long time. Last time when exposing a dark web Chinese secured marketplace, the article mentioned a request to create a blacklist of dark web Chinese sites in conjunction with "666 Dark Web Directory" for such obvious fraudulent and well-documented The blacklist will be displayed for all websites with clear evidence of fraud.

Recently, "ODN" officially received an official reply from "Onion666 Dark Web Directory", which has completed the function and added the fraudulent website. And in the official Twitter statement: "Onion666 Dark Web Directory has listed a separate category of fraudulent sites, and confirmed the inclusion of fraudulent sites in this category."

"ODN" appreciates Onion666 Dark Web Directory's efforts to clean up dark web sites and will continue to work with Onion666 Dark Web Directory to combat dark web scams.

"Onion666 Dark Web Directory's clearnet URL: https://onion666.com

"Onion666 Dark Web Directory" dark web v3 domain: http://666666666tjjjeweu5iikuj7hkpke5phvdylcless7g4dn6vma2xxcad.onion

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