Global dark web “Largest Chinese Onion Directory” changed its name and upgraded to “Largest Onion Directory”

"ODN(" previously reported on the "largest Chinese onion directory" on the global dark web. Recently, after being reminded by netizens, it has been renamed and upgraded, and it seems that it intends to become the "largest onion directory" on the global dark web. Its original name was "List", but now it is directly renamed "666", which is common to all languages.

The navigation website has a high number of visits on the Chinese dark web. It has been introduced by many netizens before and given high evaluations: support manual evaluation, classification, certification of authoritative sites, daily test live labeling; support for open websites Like and comment functions, real-time statistics of website visits, likes and comments; interface is beautiful and simple, supports two theme modes and multiple languages.

After an actual visit of "ODN" , it was found that the website has indeed changed a lot. The default interface is already in English, which seems to have indeed developed internationally. The navigation site has added a lot of website links than before, the content has been enriched, and the supported languages ​​have been as many as seven; the addition of sticky ads seems to be profitable; the biggest change is whether the domain name of the table network or the domain name of the dark network is profitable. All have changed.

Previous domain name:

Internet domain name:
Darknet domain name:
1. http://anwanglist6rbv7v.onion
2. http://345345345gazkjsi.onion
3. http://345345345qjddy4e.onion
4. http://23452345nckhecwf. onion
5. http://daohang77bd7lyjz.onion

New domain name:
Internet domain name:
Darknet domain name: http://666666666tjjjeweu5iikuj7hkpke5phvdylcless7g4dn6vma2xxcad.onion

It seems that the v2 version of the dark web domain name has been abandoned, the v3 version has been used, and the domain name and the website name match each other. In addition, the directory website provides a Telgram exchange group:

"ODN" found that the directory station does have some characteristics: First, it tests all websites every day, and will mark "offline" for the inaccessible websites; second, for authoritative dark web sites, "Authentication" will be marked, and users can visit with confidence; third, for fraudulent websites or websites with fraudulent members, "fraud" or "suspected fraud" will be marked. These three points are worthy of recognition.

Whether the dark web directory can be made the "world's largest", "ODN" will continue to follow up.

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