Dark web forum Dread continues to suffer from DDoS attacks and can be accessed through private mirror onion domains

"ODN" has been using the Dread forum to observe and monitor major darknet markets around the world. Recently, it found that the Dread forum was intermittently inaccessible, and realized that the forum was under DDoS attack again.

Dread, the largest English forum on the darknet, has been discussing the global darknet market for a long time, providing guidelines for people to use the darknet market, which is loved by the global darknet netizens and has a relatively large number of visits, and people take this website as a place to complain about the darknet market.

For this reason, the Dread forums have also offended many of the masters behind the dark web marketplaces, and since late November 2022, Dread has suffered from a prolonged DDoS attack and has been offline. Co-administrator HugBunter and several other administrators dedicated themselves to redeveloping the forum and adding infrastructure protection. The forum did not reopen until March of this year.

But it didn't last long, the scale of the DDoS attack was getting bigger and bigger, and Dread Forum's existing infrastructure couldn't take it anymore, and at the end of July, Dread Forum's darknet v3 domain name was once again intermittently inaccessible.

A user, girlonket, posted a topic in the forums asking, "Can't find the dreadytofat onion site? ", saying that he tried to access Dread from Daunt.link, but it showed that the onion site could not be found, and he saw no information about it on d/Dread.

HugBunter, an administrator at Dread, replied that they are under a sustained DoS attack, that the attack has intensified, and that the main link (dreadytofat) has been unavailable for some time. They don't usually post information about this directly on the Dread forums, but if users were still able to access it during this time, then they likely had private links (mirrored links that outsiders don't have).

When a user triplenigger asked how PoW was progressing on the Tor network, which is used to resist DDos, HugBunter replied that PoW has now been merged into the alpha branch of Tor and that once it is merged into the stable version, the protections will begin to take effect throughout the network as all the nodes are progressively updated. They don't know exactly when yet, however, but it could take a few weeks for it to become widespread. At that point, they will launch an additional Dread image with PoW protection, and once it's running well enough, the protection will be added to the main link.

On July 27, HugBunter (hugbunt3r) posted an announcement with a PGP signature to the Reddit forums, which revealed that Dread has been under constant attack since the relaunch but has always been able to keep the main onion domain stable enough to stay online, especially over the past few weeks. Today, the attacks have increased, but due to a lack of sufficient resources, access to the main onion domain could not be restored immediately. People can access Dread through a private mirror link, which is strongly protected and is expected to remain online for the time being. The announcement stated that it is hoped that if the private mirror link is attacked, the attacker's resources will be spread between the main onion domain and the mirror domain to ensure uptime between the two.

Hash: SHA512

Since the relaunch we’ve been under constant, non-stop attack,
but always been able to keep the main onion online consistently
enough, especially the past few weeks. Today the attack increased,
I’ll be able to restore access shortly on the main onion, but as
of right now I simply do not have the resources. For now, please
access Dread through the private mirror that was previously shared
within markets, it is powerfully protected and will hopefully
stay online for now. I’m hoping if it is attacked, it will cause
enough spread of the attacker’s resources between the main onion
and the mirror, to allow for uptime between both.


Thank you for your patience, I hope you’re all doing well.


Dread's main link is:


Dread's private mirror link is:


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