As the DDOS attack continues, Dread, a forum focused on communicating about the dark web market, is once again inaccessible, but the newly launched directory site Daunt is accessible

The previous "ODN" test found that although the dark web forum Dread has resumed access, it is not always successfully accessed, proving that DDOS attacks are continuing. Only a few days after the dramatic relaunch, Dread, a well-known forum focused on the exchange of the dark web market, was taken offline again, still for the same reason: "well-funded DDOS attacks" as co-administrator HugBunter said. Even though the website has been updated and revamped, it is still apparently impossible to defend against high-traffic DDOS attacks.

Since the DDOS attack in late November last year, Dread has been offline for several months. After "completing a rewrite of the codebase," Dread relaunched with much fanfare on March 6, disappointing many critics who thought the site would never reappear. However, within hours of the relaunch, a new DDOS attack hit the site, rendering it inaccessible once again.

Although multiple administrators of the forum had dedicated months to recoding the forum and increasing the protection of the infrastructure, efforts to make it more resistant to DDOS attacks were not as successful as expected.

But HugBunter's latest creation, the navigational site Daunt, is still accessible on both the dark and open web, and Daunt, which is advertised on Dread and Reddit under the slogan "The DoS attack ends here," is a collection of verifiable links to several of the largest dark web marketplaces, including Abacus, Archetyp, ASAP, Bohemia, Cypher, and Tor2Door, among others. Each link on Daunt can be verified with a signed PGP message if the user has the marketplace's PGP public key in hand. links to forums, vendor stores, and other types of Tor sites are also included on Daunt.

Daunt's darkweb URL:

Daunt's clearnet URL:

"With my built-in concept of private mirror sharing, this platform will serve as a 'solution' to ongoing DoS attacks," HugBunter said in an introductory post about Daunt on Reddit. "While it won't solve the problem at hand, it should allow for the possibility of more organic traffic passing through the affected service. Essentially, it's evading DoS attacks." He added.

In another article, HugBunter admits that the concept of private mirroring has not yet been implemented on Dread, meaning that all visitors still rely on their primary URL as an entry point. However, measures taken by HugBunter and co-administrator Paris to mitigate attacks on the main Dark Web URL have so far been fruitless, as the site has continued to remain offline due to DDOS attacks since it regained access on March 6.

Over the past few days, HugBunter has seemed more frustrated than usual, providing some details about his DDOS attack adversaries, revealing that the attacker "now only has power behind his attacks because he has been so handsomely rewarded by certain dark web marketplaces" that have caved into extortion demands and stopped attacks on their Tor sites. He also admitted that he "has been talking to attackers regularly.

HugBunter said they are currently unable to make new fixes to the forum's I2P portal until the attacks on the network subside.

On March 18, HugBunter posted another Reddit article stating that Dread's main Onion domain for the dark web was online and posted an update. HugBunter stated that Dread's main Onion domain was online while at full attack capacity, a huge milestone in the fight against DDOS attacks.

Hash: SHA512

Hi everyone, I am so fucking psyched right now because this is a huge milestone in regards to fighting these attacks.

The main onion is ONLINE, while under full attack load. There will still be timeouts here and there and initial connections may be sporadic, be persistent and you should be able to access fairly quickly through the use of a single new identity to clear your descriptors and then possibly switching circuits a couple of times if you cannot connect, you can do this quickly by pressing Ctrl + Shift + L.

Credit goes completely to our resident genius Paris who theorized this method of bypassing the bottleneck, using a modified version of a method that somewhat worked previously but the attacker was able to easily overcome it. If you haven't experienced fighting these attacks, you will have no idea how INCREDIBLE this is, but seriously, it is completely unprecedented.

This method scales against the intro point bottleneck itself and it is possible that we could remain stable. The downside is that this is fucking expensive on our end.

WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID. It COULD be just as easy for the attacker to bypass this, so while I am hopeful here, we are going to continue to prepare mirror rotation within Daunt and continue to share private mirrors to anyone who is struggling to access.

Use this as an opportunity to get your auth keys so that you can make use of them for accessing other affected services through Daunt, as well as accessing Dread going forward if we do fall back to rotation primarily.

This is a massive FUCK YOU to this sad extortionist.


However, "ODN" has tried to access HugBunter's new article many times since it was published, and has used various methods to refresh it, but it still can't open Dread. When will Dread overcome the DDOS attack and truly restore access, "ODN" will continue to follow up.

For more darknet news, please pay attention to "ODN".

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