Concerned about the dark web forum Dread: although access has been restored, not every time you can successfully access

"ODN" has been following the recovery status of Dread, after months of offline updates and long-term testing, the Dread forum is finally close to beating DDOS. Finally, Dread resumed access today, although it seems that it should not be a flash in the pan, however, not every time can be successfully accessed, now access to its dark web site most of the time is still showing the status page.

On March 6, Dread administrator hugbunt3r posted on Reddit on March 6, saying: "Dread, we are back". The post said that Dread's main address on the dark web is back online, welcome back! The return has been delayed by a day because of a huge problem that was discovered, but it's always good to be back.

Hash: SHA512

We are back online at the main address:

Welcome back all! We missed you guys.

Word of the relaunch spread yesterday and while we were
about to pull the trigger and hit the launch button, we
found a huge issue that held it back an extra day, guess
it worked out better anyway.

Feeling so relieved right now, full announcement available
over on Dread.


The Reddit community welcomed the return of the Dread forums, saying "Congratulations and many thanks to everyone who has been working so hard over the past few months to restore Dread despite the poor outlook." The forum has been a great success, with "Viva Dread 🤘", "Excellent! Thank you, hugbunt3r!!!" , and "Great news!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!!"

The Dread forums have now been restarted on the Darknet Tor network, but not on the I2P network, as hugbunt3r says "the entire I2P network is under attack and it's impossible to restart there right now."

However, as the DDOS attack continues, access to the dark web is still not very stable, and Dread does not always have normal access, sometimes the connection status is "connection timeout" and sometimes the status page is displayed. However, if you refresh a few times, there is a good chance that the verification code page will appear and you will be able to enter the forum successfully. "ODN" has been able to access the new version of the Dread forum successfully, and can see HugBunter's latest announcement post: "Welcome back to Dread, we missed you".

The post says that when it started writing this announcement, its mind was blank. There are no words to describe the relief of finally bringing his project back into the world and making it work again. He read through every single comment on Reddit wishing Dread well, and he thanked everyone for their support and trust.

The post said that although they missed Dread's 5th birthday on February 15, it was one of the biggest motivators from which they would grow. During the months of dealing with the DoS attack, they struggled to get more uptime and spent most of the time using private Tor links and I2P gateways.

The post also mentions "exit scams" that occurred during the Dread outage, such as the Kilos exit scam and AlphaBay's DeSnake death or exit scam.

The post says that 1 week ago, they brought Dread online for private testing. Most things went well, with only a few minor errors, and thanks to everyone who participated in the test, it was very important for Dread to successfully reach the finish line.

The post says that Dread launched Daunt, a Dread's directory site that will later allow the posting of Dread's mirrored dark web addresses.

Currently Dread is quite fast to access as long as you enter the forum. But from the current replies, the replies are on the low side, the access is low, and maybe many netizens still can't access it, welcome to test. The darknet address of the Dread forum is


We will continue to monitor the status of the Dread forum.

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