ChangAnBuYeCheng, the rising star of Chinese dark web marketplace, has developed into one of the largest Chinese dark web marketplaces in 2022

At the beginning of the year, "ODN" reported the closure of the larger Chinese darknet marketplace "Tea-horse Ancient Road" by the police and the sudden closure of "Lou Lan City" for unknown reasons, but the development of the Chinese darknet marketplace did not come to a halt. The development of the Chinese darknet market has not come to a standstill. As previously analyzed, "darknet marketplaces will continue to exist, even if some of them are closed by the police and even if some of them announce their retirement", "ChangAnBuYeCheng" is one of the rising stars of Chinese darknet marketplaces, and it has developed into one of the largest Chinese darknet marketplaces.

According to "ODN" observation, the Chinese dark web marketplace "ChangAnBuYeCheng" was launched in early 2022. The site is probably developed by the advertisement of "onion666 dark net directory", but in just a few months, it has achieved a small popularity in the industry, which is a very fast development for a new dark net trading platform. Maybe because the webmaster is willing to advertise, maybe the access speed is good, so that people feel that the security and stability of the dark web market is guaranteed. So "ODN" visited the market and joined the official Telegram group "@cabyc".

The darknet v3 domain name of "ChangAnBuYeCheng" is

"ODN" registered an account to enter and found that the whole site is relatively simple, fast access, the home page has only 6 advertising space and 9 sections to display, casually check the release of a few goods earlier, the number of views have reached hundreds of thousands of people, a conservative estimate, the dark web market should already have thousands of users.

After some use of the site, the Telegram group chat records, and combined with the "onion666 dark net directory" user comments, from a professional point of view, "ODN" analysis summarized Some basic features of "ChangAnBuYeCheng" are:

1, the website interface is beautiful and simple, fully functional, and the website has a built-in function to directly contact the administrator (seems to be a direct private letter administrator), you can solve the transaction problems within the station.

2, support for multiple cryptocurrency coins for top-up and withdrawal, providing multiple coins of BTC, ETH, USDT, and a very low fee for withdrawing coins (the website shows: fee: 1% minimum: 0.0003 capped: 0.0005), which is very attractive.

3, has an official Telegram group, and the group administrator is very active, dispute resolution quickly and the group to see can be fair and impartial, very friendly to new users.

These features prove that this dark net market is still relatively attractive to users from the surface, at least there is still potential for development. Then look at the evaluation, "onion666 dark net directory" has a user review "the value of the money is not in place, but also no one care", and then a user review "the new market administrator is very active, very in place". In the official Telegram group, we can see that the administrators are actively responding to registration and top-up issues, which proves that the platform is still reliable as a whole.

However, compared with the overseas darknet market, "ODN" thinks that the platform still has some problems, first of all, "ChangAnBuYeCheng" requires Javascript to access the website, which is not quite in line with the current darknet website security requirements. Secondly, the world's mainstream dark web market only supports Bitcoin and Monroe, while the platform supports more coins, but not also increases the insecurity. I wonder if it will be improved later.

"ChangAnBuYeCheng's self-introduction - dedicated to be the most professional dark web platform

1. Welcome to ChangAnBuYeCheng, we are committed to be the most professional dark web platform.
2.The platform provides guarantee, the administrator is online for a long time, please try not to trade outside the platform, the platform will not be responsible for any transactions generated outside the platform.
3.We hope that you will do more publicity for this site, we will launch a referral reward mechanism, please look forward to it.
4.Please don't trust the transactions that lead to off-site!!! Welcome to live private exclusive auction.
5.Welcome you to report any guide to off-site transactions or journalists, phishing and other acts, the administrator will immediately deal with seriously.
6.Please give more valuable advice to all users, we will continue to improve.
7.In order to prevent stripes, please users pay attention to the information they publish and try not to use domestic software and services.
8.This site prohibits child pornography as well as fake cryptocurrency transactions, so please be careful about posting goods.

From the introduction, it seems that the statement is still in place, and with users as God, it seems that it can be deeply recognized by customers. However, "ODN" will continue to monitor how long ChangAnBuYeCheng can survive and whether it can be reliable all the time.

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