GPU-based Tor v3 vanity URL onion domain computing tool

"ODN" earlier introduced violent computing to get a good look at the custom prefixes of v2.onion domain name tools, such as Shallot, scallion, but Onion Services v2 has been replaced by Onion Services v3, of course, before also introduced ed25519 Onion Services is also the .onion domain name (vanity address) computing tools of v3, such as mkp224o.

But mkp224o is based on CPU computing, the efficiency is relatively low, generally locking the first 8-bit prefix is basically not calculated. Recently, "ODN" found a GPU-based Tor v3 vanity URL generator, developed in Rust language and designed to run on NVIDIA GPUs.

The project address:

Author's statement.

This project is brand new and hasn't been thoroughly vetted. Please report any bugs you find here.

The program is designed to use all available cuda devices, and will automatically decide the number of threads and blocks to use.

Now supports multiple prefixes!


Installing Rust
Installing Cuda
Execute the following command.

rustup install nightly
rustup target add nvptx64-nvidia-cuda
cargo install ptx-linker
git clone
cd tor-v3-vanity
cargo +nightly install --path .


1.Create the output directory.
mkdir mykeys

2.Run t3v.
t3v --dst mykeys/ myprefix1,myprefix2

3.Use the resulting file as your hs_ed25519_secret_key
cat mykeys/myprefixwhatever.onion > /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hs_ed25519_secret_key

According to the authors' tests, using their 1070ti graphics card, it takes 7 minutes to calculate a 5-bit prefix, 3.5 hours for a 6-bit prefix, 5 days for a 7-bit, 22.5 weeks for an 8-bit, and 14 years for a 9-bit.

"ODN" will update the test results after the test.

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