World Market’s “exit scam” is a courtroom drama, but it doesn’t really exit and continues to deceive the ignorant

World Market was once one of the only large global dark web marketplaces left on the dark web, but according to an announcement by Dread administrator Paris, World Market has completed its "exit scam" and Dread has restricted discussion of World Market-related topics. World Market will not appear on Dread in the future.

Dread said: "There is clearly something going on at World Market that could be an exit scam to try to get extra money from users. Or they may have some serious issues that they are trying to resolve. The truth is that it's been several days and there have been almost no updates. Now, I want everyone to proceed with caution."

Just like Dark0de Market, World Market has done the "exit scam" in a different way, and according to some posts in the Dread forum, you can probably tell the story of what happened at World Market.

A few weeks ago World Market management said it was difficult and should have been operating an exit scam.

First, I want to say that it's good to be back on Dread, and with that I want to announce that we have lowered our vendor bond to 750 USD.

And I want to iterate that World Market is not going to exit scam, we are here for the long term.

We have just reached 800K users, and we are growing every day.

World market will on be available in /d/WorldMarket, and we will only respond here.

Recently, we have had to ban some vendors, who were using FUD tactics, to get buyers to finalize early when the vendors did not have FE rights.
We believe in protecting the buyers on World Market and not allowing vendors to scam them.

We have had DDOS attacks, FUD attacks, and yet we persist.

Then something happened.

The first few weeks a large number of users reported losing deposits and withdrawals while using World Market, and World Market management said they were investigating but hadn't recovered any losses. Then World Market completed the process of going offline and coming back online, supposedly using historical backups, but all the data from last year including all the images (user avatars, product images, etc.) disappeared, even the vendors and user balances disappeared.

According to the complaint of the administrator named "nightmaremarket" about "the truth about World Market".

I was one of the founding members of Nightmare Market and have been part of World Market until very recently, when Lovelace suddenly cut ties with me and refused to give me the money I am owed. So now I am blowing the whistle on these assholes!

For those who don't know, Lovelace (Admin of World) was part of Nightmare Market from the start and one of the main benefactors of the exit scam. At this point there was some disagreements between the old Nightmare team which split and went to form two new separate markets. One was Royal Market (many people already worked this out) the other was World Market. They launched at similar times, makes sense right! Royal Market just sucked at marketing.

Exit scam money from Nightmare was used to launch World Market which is why it had adverts fucking everywhere from the start. Most new startups dont have this kinda funding and dont grow this quickly. Think about it! The plan from the start was to exit scam within 2 years while setting up a new market then rinse and repeat the process. Lovelaces new market launched a few weeks ago and it is already spending a load of money on advertising. IT IS KERBEROS MARKET! Note some similarities between the two markets when you look closely as some of the terms and conditions. They try to make it look super different otherwise though.

Now Darkode is gone, World is preparing to exit Lovelace +_team are ready to start scamming all over again with Kerberos Market. Jacking up the vendor bond to $3k is a quick way for World to make a quick buck knowing that some vendors will be desperate enough to pay. DO NOT PAY! World won't stick around for more than a few months - as soon as Kerberos is big enough they are gone and so is all your money! Mods like makarov are already working on both markets!

Dont think just cause the site had a makeover recently that its not going anywhere! This reskin was ready 6 months ago, I fucking helped make it. It was saved for a later date to make it look the loads of investment was going into the site to trick vendors and buyers. Dont be naive! Selective scamming by the market has been happening for ages but mostly targeting small vendors and first time buyers. Literally tens of thousands of dollars stolen this way already. Lost deposits, accounts locked, disputes lost by vendors but customers never receiving money back (makarov is specialist at this).

Oh and to the admins of Archetyp, Bohemia, ASAP and AlphaBay you wanna know who been ddosing you lately? If you hadnt guessed by now WORLD MARKET! They paying guys every day to fuck you! They were attacking Darkode too but no need any more!


You can call all of this FUD if you want but ask yourself why everything makes sense. If Lovelace didnt betray me I would never be posting this, but fuck him. I want his empire to crumble. Of course World will deny eveything but they know everything I say is 100% true.

This is not a Q&A so I not saying any more after this but time to set the record straight! This post probably get removed soon so screenshot before World pays off Dread admins to take it down. Signed post with Nightmare Market PGP which only a few people ever had access to.

What a palace blockbuster! Finally I can see how this is an "exit scam".

World Market administrators stole all user and vendor funds from the main wallet and managed to delete all databases. At the same time other staff members of the fake World Market restored the market with old backups from several months ago with new designs, trying to get as much money as possible from users and vendors.

Users and vendors who had created accounts in the last few months had to re-register to the marketplace with brand new accounts, as the "new" World Market did not have these accounts in its database, and of course no one was able to retrieve any purchases or user balances from the marketplace.

The remaining World Market staff member, aka makarov, is still making feeble attempts to win back customers by explaining.

The status of World Market.

The time has come that the World Market team must close shop. The team tried to fix numerous technical issues over the past week but could not recover what has been lost. We have worked hard to be the best market and to serve the community.
As much as I care for everyone at World Market, I also care about the vendors and buyers, and it would not be fair to continue at this point.

The truth as described by "nightmaremarket" shows that World Market has completed a complete "exit scam", but the site has not been shut down yet and is trying to continue playing "It has been DDOSing other darknet markets, which is really evil intention! There is no humanity in the dark web, only endless scams!

According to the replies from some users of Dread, all providers and customers are reminded not to deposit too much money (margin) in the darknet market, because no matter how big this market is, there will be a time when it will disappear overnight.

V3 domain of World Market dark web (scam site): http://worldiyh4brz5o3nvhzpj527o7tszivvuo4jvizwegt73lahxsmyppad.onion/

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