Dark0de Market, a dark web marketplace, shuts down completely and is confirmed to be an “exit scam”

According to media reports, the Dark0de Reborn Market, one of the larger dark web marketplaces in the English dark web community, was shut down at the end of February, with links to the site inaccessible and their account on the Dread forums deleted, as verified by this site. For the past few weeks, Dark0de Market has been stealing funds from users and vendors, and the closure of Dark0de Market has been confirmed as an "exit scam" based on comments from users and vendors.

In the past few months, many dark web markets, both in Chinese and English dark web circles, have shut down their operations either to "earn enough to retire", "police crackdown", or "exit the scam ". Last October, the White House Market, a large marketplace on the Dark Web, abruptly shut down, followed by Cannazon Market and ToRReZ Market. just a few weeks ago, in early 2022, Monopoly and Cartel Market suddenly went offline, never to return.

All of this pushed the new Dark0de Market to the top of the dark web market charts. Dark0de Market calls itself Dark0de Reborn and was founded in 2019, but Dark0de Reborn has nothing to do with the original Dark0de Market that was seized by law enforcement in 2015, and is most likely borrowed from It is likely to have borrowed the fame of the original Dark0de Market. Currently World Market, the new AlphaBay marketplace in the English dark web marketplace, competes for first place in the dark web marketplace rankings.

Vendor allegations against Dark0de Market

In the past few weeks, dozens of vendors have accused Dark0de Market of freezing their accounts, stealing their funds and not responding at all with proof.

Dark0de Market vendor letterkenny claims that his multiple accounts were banned and that $6,000 in funds in his account were blocked from being withdrawn.

LittleBits is one of the largest vendors in the dark web world, with over 7,500 sales and only 1 bad review. His account was also banned without reason, where his messages were deleted and withdrawals were blocked.

Another vendor whose account was banned was asked to pay $10,000 as a ransom for a "2 week trial period", while his reviews had been a perfect 5 stars.

Users unable to withdraw funds

One of the signs that the dark web market is starting to "exit the scam" is the market stopping all withdrawals while allowing deposits as usual.

Dark0de Market has become extremely inefficient in the last few weeks, with users and providers waiting almost 48 hours for deposits to arrive and some users' withdrawals never being processed.

One user waited more than 24 hours for a deposit to show up in his account, and many confirmed in posts the long delays in deposits and withdrawals on Dark0de Market.

Another user waited more than 40 hours for his Monroe withdrawal to appear in his own wallet, noting that Dark0de Market is not transparent about vendor fee deductions, resulting in users paying about 8% in processing fees (compared to an average of about 4% on the Dark0de Market).

More users shared their own facts about Dark0de Market's slow withdrawals, noting that Monroe Coin's transaction fees are very low and that there is little wait time in block confirmations.

Dark0de Market Response

While typically Dark0de Market administrators respond professionally to allegations of "exit scams," Dark0de Market administrators stated

We are working on several security changes after we received more information from Hugbunter and others. This comes after we are experiencing a heavy DDoS attack, the question remains if this is a market or not. All withdrawals will be processed within the next 24 to 48 Hours. I thanks everyone for their patience and understanding.

If Dark0de had some massive outage, users wouldn't have given such feedback, so it was really just an "exit scam". It's been a long time since there has been such a confusing and fascinating "exit scam" on the dark web, such as the Nightmare marketplace "exit scam" where someone hacked the marketplace and played with users and staff.

It was recently pointed out that Dark0de Market looks big due to the exaggerated banner ads on the forums and website, but actually has less trading volume than many other dark web marketplaces. Most dark web marketplaces fake the number of users and comments on their platforms. The best indicator of the volume of transactions on dark web marketplaces is to look at the number of transactions by vendors with profiles on multiple dark web marketplaces.

The v3 domains for Dark0de Reborn Dark Web Marketplace are:


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