Pompompurin, the administrator of the dark web forum BreachForum, was hospitalized after a suicide attempt

Pompompurin, an administrator of the dark web hacking forum BreachForum, was recently hospitalized after attempting suicide. The news was announced by another BreachForum administrator called "Harmony".

According to the announcement, Pompompurin attempted suicide on April 10 and was found unconscious by his family members. He was then sent to the hospital for treatment. Harmony said Pompompurin's condition has stabilized but he still needs time to rest in the hospital.

BreachForum is a popular hacking and data breach trading forum on the dark web. Pompompurin and Harmony are two of its administrators and moderators. Harmony appealed to BreachForum members to send their blessings and support to Pompompurin during this difficult time.

Conor Fitzpatrick was reportedly attempted suicide, neighbors said they saw him carried out on a stretcher and then taken to the hospital. 

Conor Fitzpatrick, aka Pompompurin on the dark web, was arrested by the FBI last month for allegedly participating in the sale of stolen data. According to media reports, now the former administrator of the underground forum BreachForum is said to have recently attempted suicide while on bail.

The FBI arrested Fitzpatrick as early as March 15. After Pompompurin, the administrator of the dark web forum BreachForum, pleaded guilty, he was released on bail. If convicted, the 20-year-old faces up to 5 years in prison. 

Perhaps these prospects were too much for Conor Fitzpatrick, as not everyone can withstand the misery of five years in prison. Fitzpatrick's neighbors claimed to see the former forum administrator carried out of his parents' home on a stretcher and given artificial respiration.

Regina Clarkin, founder and editor of PeekskillHerald.com, reported that Conor Fitzpatrick, a 19-year-old man arrested by the FBI last month for allegedly being the administrator Pompompurin of BreachForum, was taken from his home this morning and taken to the hospital. 

Clarkin said neighbors saw him being carried out on a stretcher, unresponsive and on oxygen. It is said that on the channel he frequented, he had attempted to end his own life.

What happened to the original post about the attempted suicide - it's offline now!

PeekskillHerald.com's posts about Pompompurin and his alleged attempted suicide have been offline since yesterday morning. By last night, copies of this article available on Google had also disappeared from the Internet. 

The circumstances surrounding Fitzpatrick's attempted suicide are still unclear, but it has drawn attention to the pressures faced by members of online hacker communities after arrest.

It is not yet certain whether Fitzpatrick really attempted to end his own life or whether he is still in the hospital. The only thing that can be said for sure is that suicide does not solve any problems! On the contrary. Suicide often leaves many unresolved problems and immense pain for relatives and friends.

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