What Tor browser should I use to access the dark web on Apple’s IOS system

As a channel to enter the dark web, the Tor Browser is crucial, and the previous article on how to download the Tor Browser for Android was recognized by many users, so some people are asking, "There seems to be no official browser application for Apple's IOS system, but there are various Tor browsers in the US and Hong Kong App store, which one should I download?

In fact, Tor Project's official website also has a recommendation, "ODN(Ondarknet.com)" to introduce you to download the Tor Browser (Onion Browser) for Apple's IOS system, to prevent the download of the Apple market mess of fake Tor Browser App.

Tor project does not have its own official IOS browser, but it is officially recommended (as shown above, Are you an iOS user? We encourage you to try Onion Browser.) A third-party browser, the website is: https://onionbrowser.com

The browser is available for download in the App Store at: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/onion-browser/id519296448

You can download it in the US and Hong Kong, just search for OnionBrowser, so far, this IOS browser is reliable. The interface is also good, no ads:

The same last tip: because Tor Project has forced the use of V3 onion domain name, and V3 domain name prefix length of 56 bits, simply can not remember, so after you install the IOS To browser (Onion Browser) to access the dark web, you can set the “666” dark web site directory: http:// 666666666tjjjeweu5iikuj7hkpke5phvdylcless7g4dn6vma2xxcad.onion as a bookmark, later you can visit various dark web sites through this directory.

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