Brave Browser: Another browser available in 2022 that can directly access the dark web, with guaranteed security and privacy

Brave Browser is a free open source browser built by Brendan Eich, the father of JavaScript, which boasts the ability to block all analytics and tracking components, and can block ads and trackers. Brave Browser has a "New private window with TOR" feature that allows users to access the dark web directly, just like using the Tor browser.

Brave Browser is based on the Chromium web browser, an open source project by search engine giant Google. Chrome and Microsoft's new Edge browser are both built on the Chromium Web browser. But Brave Browser disables Google accounts and syncs services by default, prohibiting Google from tracking users.

Brave Browser itself is a privacy-focused browser that also blocks all ads, requests and third-party cookies by default, and uses NoScript (not enabled by default after installation) and HTTPS Everywhere, and it originally had a privacy mode that did not store any browsing history or cookies.

To earn trust, Brave Browser has introduced "Private Tabs with Tor", the "new private window with Tor" feature, which, like Tor Browser, seamlessly integrates Tor routing into the browser as a privacy and security feature. It is integrated into the browser as an option for privacy and security users to avoid being tracked by ISP operators, Wi-Fi providers or webmasters.

Users of the desktop version of Brave Browser can enable Tor's privacy mode by simply clicking "New Private Tab with Tor" from the File menu. The addition of Private Tabs with Tor blocks anyone from snooping on the user's Internet connection path and makes it impossible for websites visited to identify or track users by IP address. However, for now, Tor integration is only available for desktop browsers and not for mobile users.

When users on Reddit asked about the fundamental differences between Tor Browser and Brave Browser's Tor integration, the company admitted that Tor Browser is more secure, while Brave Browser is suitable for hiding "ISPs, work or school".

Brave Browser's default search engine is also preset to the privacy-oriented DuckDuckGo in Private Tabs with Tor mode, but users can switch to the other 19 search engines offered in Brave Browser.

Brave Browser has a "Brave Rewards" reward system that will display specific ads to users selected by the team. In return, users receive BAT tokens, which they can then reward to their favorite YouTubers, websites, and other content creators. Or, users can decide to keep their BAT tokens and transfer them to a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinan for cash.

How to use Tor's private mode in Brave Browser

Accessing Tor mode in Brave Browser is simple.

Open the Brave Browser
Pull down the "File" menu in Brave Browser and select "New Private Window with Tor".
Open a new private window with Tor in Brave Browser
Scroll down and wait for the "Tor Status" to show Connected
You will be able to browse the dark web as usual

If you already use Brave Browser as your default Windows or Mac web browser, you may find this additional feature very handy. Features such as these are useful for practical reasons, such as the ability to use IP addresses from different regions.

Brave describes the Private Window with Tor connection functionality as follows.

"Brave never remembers what you do in the Private Window. With a Tor connection, your IP address is also hidden from the sites you visit. However, if your personal safety depends on remaining anonymous, use the Tor browser instead. "'s Onion service has its own Tor Onion service, and in addition, Brave contributes to the Tor network by running Tor relays.'s onion V3 URL is:


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