Anonymous OS Tails Launches Version 5.1 with Improved Tor Connection Assistant

Tails is a security-focused, Debian-based operating system that focuses on privacy and anonymity, and blocks non-anonymous communication. All external communication is forced through Tor, the system is designed to boot using Live DVD or Live USB, and does not allow the computer to leave traces of data without explicit behavior. In addition, the Tor Project is providing financial support for this development.

The Debian-based Tails 5.1 GNU/Linux operating system distribution for anonymous Internet browsing has recently been released, with various performance improvements, bug fixes, updated components, and other changes.

After a five-day delay because an updated version of the Tor Browser was not available, Tails 5.1 includes fixes for recently disclosed security vulnerabilities in the JavaScript engine of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser, on which the Tor Browser is based.

The release includes Tor Browser 11.0.14 by default for all your anonymous browsing, as well as the latest version of Tor, the free open source software for anonymous communication within Tails.

Tails 5.1 also comes with a much improved Tor Connection Assistant, which now automatically fixes your computer clock when you choose to automatically connect to Tor, making it easier for users in Asia to circumvent censorship. As a result, the fixed time zone is now displayed in the top navigation.

"Tails learns the current time by connecting to Fedora's mandatory portal detection service, which is used by most Linux distributions. This connection does not go through the Tor network, and is an exception to our policy of establishing Internet connections only through the Tor network." The release notes read.

In addition, the last screen of the Tor Connection Assistant has been updated to explicitly inform users whether they are using a Tor bridged connection. Speaking of Tor bridges, Tails 5.1 removes the option to automatically select "Configure Bridge" on rollback to hide that you are connecting to the Tor network, and displays the same instructions on both screens where you must configure the Tor bridge.

The Insecure Browser feature has also been improved so that it now shows users a new home page when they are not connected to the Tor network, making it easier for them to understand how to log in to the network using the mandatory portal, and if the Insecure Browser is not enabled in the welcome screen, a confirmation dialog will be displayed before restarting Tails to prevent losing your work.

Among other changes, Tails 5.1 ships with the Mozilla Thunderbird 91.9 email client, ties OpenPGP files to the Kleopatra certificate manager and the universal encryption GUI in the File (Nautilus) browser, adds Kleopatra to the Applications menu's Favorites application list, fixes file sharing using the OnionShare application in Nautilus, and disables some search providers in GNOME's Activity Overview.

If you care about your privacy while surfing the web, you can download Tails 5.1 immediately from the official website. you can use Tails directly from a USB stick while on the go, or install it permanently on your PC. Existing users can update their installation by running the command in a terminal application via sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade.

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