What is “Red Room”? Do “live killing” horror sites on the dark web really exist?

The Legendary "Red Room"

There are rumors that the Red Room, is the lowest level of online space on the Dark Web, the darkest side of the Internet, used to It is the darkest side of the Internet, used to hide serious terrorist activity online, where psychologically disturbed people can pay to watch live videos of rape, torture, murder, and even more horrific things.

"The Red Room" is said to be the darkest place on the Dark Web, where "pay-per-view" viewers use bitcoin to watch unimaginably horrific scenes, and psychopaths are said to be more than willing to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to watch rapes and murders live. Live streaming.

The term "red room" has been floating around the Internet for more than a decade - thought to have originated from "red rum"/"murder" or from the 1983 horror film "Videodrome," in which torture is broadcast live on satellite television from a room painted red. It is also said to have been invented from the Japanese horror movie "Red Room", a website where you can supposedly watch a live broadcast of a murder. Others think the phrase comes from "Red Rum," which spells "murder" backwards.

Where did the Dark Web come from?

The Dark Web was actually created by the U.S. government and developed with funding from the National Science Foundation and the State Department, among others, to allow spies to exchange information completely anonymously.

U.S. military researchers developed the technology known as Tor (The Onion Router) in the mid-1990s and released it into the public domain for everyone to use.

The reason was that they could remain anonymous - if thousands of other people used the same system for many different things, it would be difficult to distinguish government information among spies. tor now hosts about 30,000 hidden sites.

Tor is called the Onion Router because it uses Onion routing technology - a cryptographic layer to make sites anonymous. Most sites are also hosted on .onion domains.

Is the "red room" a myth? Does it exist?

Although "red rooms" have generated a lot of discussion on social media over the years, and although urban legends about their existence have been circulating for years - so far, there is There is no evidence that they exist.

If "pay-per-view" live torture sites do exist, they almost certainly don't work over Tor (the software used to access Dark Web sites), which is too slow to stream live video.

The dark web hides your user's identity by relaying your web requests through multiple proxies with multiple layers of encryption. This process is slow …… is too slow to allow live streaming. And the Tor browser, the special web browser needed to access the dark web, cannot support live video because the network is too slow to support live video, so it is simply not possible to live stream horror videos on the dark web.

Anyone who thinks the "red room" does exist on the dark web doesn't know what they're talking about, basically people who want to see the "red room" videos are psychologically distorted and can't distinguish between fiction and reality. The "red room" does exist, and even if they are cheated on the dark web, they still want to watch it.

The only thing that is possible is the existence of violent, gory, child pornography video sites on the dark web, where many secret child pornography sites operate and sell these videos for very high prices via bitcoin. Police in various countries are cracking down on such dark web sites and the managers who run them.

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