The money board hype “darknet” concept: we come from the darknet, ready to run away

The dark web has always been full of mystery.

  This place is full of drugs, child pornography, homicide transactions, and it is an extrajudicial place. But in the currency circle, it is highly respected.

  In the eyes of some players, the dark web is one of the few application scenarios of Bitcoin. Hackers on the dark web are not only mysterious, but also highly skilled.

  Therefore, a large number of funds are eyeing the dark web. They played the banner of "the team comes from the dark web" and promoted that their projects were developed by "dark web hackers", and the technical strength is strong.

  From the early years of VDS and CXC, to the recent quantum entanglement and magic domain elf ELS, a large number of "dark net funds disk" swept the currency circle and began to harvest leeks in the name of the dark net.

  01 Darknet Project

  "Quantum entanglement, a mysterious blockchain project from the dark web, is about to change the world."

  Recently, a blockchain project called "quantum entanglement" is being hyped.

  Its gimmick is "from the dark web"-its official website is set up on the dark web and is only available in English.

Quantum Entangled Dark Web Site

  What exactly does quantum entanglement do?

  It claims to be a "permanent trading ecosystem" developed by "Carbanak, the world's second-ranked hacker organization." Members of the latter include "NATO computer geniuses, university professors, financial experts, musicians, US military veterans," and so on.

  In the currency circle, Carbanak organization is well-known. Since 2013, it has repeatedly attacked banks around the world. The unique skill of its members is to let the bank ATM spit money automatically.

  After getting the money, they will exchange cash for bitcoin and launder money through bitcoin. According to media reports, Carbanak made at least 1 billion euros by letting ATM spit money.

  By 2018, all four members of the organization were arrested by the police. However, in the publicity materials of quantum entanglement, Carbanak members are not only impunity, but also often active on the dark web, "discussing global international trends, financial trends", "secretly participating in many major global events.

  In addition, they also "developed" quantum entanglement.

  In the white paper, quantum entanglement makes no secret about the nature of its own capital plate-the entire white paper has 70% of its space, and it is introducing its high static income and pulling head mode.

  For example, the so-called "dual currency model" and "balance trading rules". Dual coins include alpha coins and beta coins. Players can purchase these two coins on quantum entanglement, participate in "collision", and gain income.

  Assuming that alpha coins are worth $ 1 and beta coins are worth $ 0.9, as long as players use 100 alpha coins and 100 beta coins to collide, the lower beta coins can collide into alpha coins. In this process, players can get a $ 10 benefit from the appreciation of 100 beta coins.

  At present, in the quantum entangled APP, the price of alpha coin is $ 1.004, and the price of beta coin is $ 0.996. Players can participate in four collisions per day. Based on this calculation, the annualized return rate of quantum entanglement is as high as 584%.

  In addition, quantum entanglement also encourages pulling heads. Players only need to pay an account opening fee of $ 30 to get 0.025% of the unlimited offline rewards.

  The account opening fee naturally flows into the pocket of the trader.

  The ultra-high amount of promised income plus the dynamic income gameplay of pulling people's heads, there is no doubt that quantum entanglement is a naked capital plate.

  Players who participated in it did not shy away from it. A leader of the quantum entanglement team said that quantum entanglement, combined with a variety of gameplays such as split disks, mutual aid disks, and interest-bearing currencies, is likely to become "the most attractive new model project in 2020."

  His team alone has thousands of people, and there are many of them.

  Another 30% of the Quantum Entanglement White Paper is filled with fake big empty slogans, such as:

  "This is a completely decentralized, fair and transparent new trading ecosystem that never goes offline and only rises and falls."

  "The ultimate road to wealth freedom links the bridge of economic development."

Quantum Entanglement White Paper Promotion Slogan

  However, is there really a good thing that does not go up and down?

  02 endless

  Quantum entanglement is just the tip of the iceberg of the darknet capital market.

  In the past year, the currency circle and disk circle have been constantly advertised as the funds from the dark net.

  For example, TEC, ATIS, T32 source nuclear universe, Lighthouse, Spider network and many other circle projects are advertising themselves under the banner of the dark web.

  The "Dark Web Project" has become a name for their bragging.

  "The darknet project without routines." "We come from the darknet, without borders, and cannot be destroyed by any potential forces." "Darknet super public chain, anti-quantum computing double insurance." These projects wrote in the promotional materials. .

  "Probably since last year, there have suddenly been more funding projects under the banner of" From the Dark Web. "The currency circle player Chen Wei said that the project that created this set of roads was the popular resonance coin VDS last year, and then the hot resonance coin , Such as CXC, also inherited this tradition.

  A blockchain found that VDS once claimed to be "the world's second digital currency from the dark web", while CXC once claimed to be "jointly created by the global dark web geeks".

  And these so-called dark web projects are actually full of loopholes, even ridiculous.

  For example, the seemingly foreign project of quantum entanglement, but the English introduction has a strong flavor of machine translation-quantum entanglement calls itself "always make money and never lose money", which is a poor machine translation of the Chinese "steady earning not to lose".

  For example, the project "Magic Elf ELS" under the banner of the Darknet claims that the project development team is "a mysterious organization that advocates truth, beauty, love, and seeks harmony in the universe." This mysterious organization gathers "a group of elites and hackers on the dark web", and the founder of the organization is an "elven messenger who broke the curse at the top of the light".

The ridiculous project background on the magic domain elf official website

  Another dark web project "PEE Eternal Ecology" under the banner of "freedom and anonymity" even launched a model that directly violates the rules of the dark web.

  If players want to invest in PEE, they first need to register, and upload the front and back of their ID card and hold a photo of the ID card to complete the real-name authentication.

  "In order to crack down on the Wool Party, most of these two years of funding required real-name authentication." Chen Wei said, "but a darknet project requires players to upload ID photos, which is still very funny."

  A blockchain found that the aforementioned so-called darknet project has almost nothing to do with the darknet.

  Their so-called dark web background is just a website built on the dark web. Technically, this is not complicated.

  Obviously, these projects are harvesting leeks using the illusory concept of the dark web.

  The currency circle player Xiao Zhang is a "fan" of the dark web. He has never been on the dark web, but has always yearned for the mysterious hackers on the dark web.

  "In 2018, I bought Monero and ZEC, which is known as the darknet hard currency, but did not make money." He said, "In 2019, VDS, which is claimed to be from the darknet, was born. , But because the admission is too late, almost lost money. "

  In addition, the cryptocurrency market speculation has a big advantage on the dark web background: as long as the team is claimed to come from the dark web, there is no need to disclose the true identity of the project party. "It's very convenient to run even in the later period." Chen Wei said.

  03 Marketing gimmick

  In the eyes of some cybersecurity practitioners, the reason why capital traders are eyeing the dark web as a gimmick is very simple. What they value most is the mystery of the dark web.

  "But the mystery of the dark web is actually exaggerated." Zhang Hongwen, a cyber security expert, told a blockchain.

  In many media reports, the Internet is often compared to an iceberg. We are in daily contact with the "watch net" on the Internet, which is only a small part of the water; the underwater dark net is the main body of the entire Internet.

Concept map of the dark web circulating on the network

  However, this analogy is actually inappropriate. Because it confuses the concepts of Dark Web and Deep Web.

  Deep Web refers to Internet information that is not found on conventional search engines (such as Baidu). For example, the product information on Taobao, public account articles on WeChat, and emails in personal mailboxes cannot be included in Baidu, so they also belong to the deep web.

  The deep web constitutes the main body of the Internet. But it is not mysterious, and every netizen uses it every day.

  The dark web refers specifically to websites that can only be accessed using Tor multi-layer encryption. These sites ca n’t be opened with a regular browser, so they seem mysterious, but their proportion in the entire Internet is negligible.

  "Our platform has made a prediction that the number of global dark web users does not exceed 2 million, and the number of domestic users is less than 100,000. Among them, there are many ordinary people who only visit the dark web out of eccentric psychology. Some are undercover police. "Zhang Hongwen said.

  However, the dark web is still full of mystery to the public. Especially in the currency circle, many players have a special "faith" for the dark web. For example, there are rumors in the outside world that Satoshi Nakamoto is a dark web player, and his "Cryptography Punk Mail Group" that published the Bitcoin white paper is also a dark web site.

  In fact, the password punk mail group is just a mailing list using PGP encryption technology, and has nothing to do with the dark web.

  But it is undeniable that there are still inextricable links between Bitcoin and the dark web. Many encryption technologies used by the dark web and bitcoin come from the cryptopunk movement. Bitcoin has become a hard currency on the dark web, and many dark web products are denominated in bitcoin.

  "In the currency circle, no one does not know about the dark web. The dark web may be the only use case for Bitcoin." Xiao Zhang said.

  The dark web concept is popular in the currency circle, and the reason is not hard to find. It is also reasonable for the funds to target the dark web and fabricate the concept hype of so-called dark web hackers.

  However, traders who are still speculating on the concept of dark web hackers may encounter new troubles.

  Recently, public security officials in many places in the country issued a notice announcing the arrest of multiple "dark web hackers."

  For example, on May 7 this year, the Wuxi Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu issued a circular announcing that it had cracked "the first darknet platform case in the country." The hacker Wang, who set up obscene pornographic sites on the dark web, was arrested.

  On the same day, the Nantong Public Security Bureau also issued a circular announcing that it successfully cracked a case of selling personal information of citizens on the dark web. The police seized more than 50 million pieces of personal data of citizens who were sold, and 27 suspects were arrested.

  "Even the real hackers on the dark web have been caught. Those traders who speculate on the concept of dark web hackers are not far from being caught." Xiao Zhang said.

  The dark net full of mystery has brought huge space to the players of the capital market-a slogan "from the dark net" will make the players collectively crazy.

  The dark web allows traders to hide behind the scenes without having to show up.

  This sinful place on the Internet is becoming a marketing tool for funds.

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