“List” Dark Web site directory: the largest navigation on the global dark web

"Lister" dark web site directory, collects the world's most popular dark web sites, and the amount of collection continues to grow. Support manual evaluation, classification, certification authority site, daily live mark; support for open site praise and comment function, real time Statistics site visits, praise and comment data; interface is beautifully simple, supports multiple theme modes and multi-language.

Please approve the following table and darknet sites, other sites are counterfeit (welcome to report).
Web site: https://anwanglist.com
Dark Web site:

Site Advantages:
First,A large number of collections and continuous updates
We have collected a large number of darknet sites, and will regularly include popular darknet sites, which will be included more and more in the future.
Second, carefully selected each website
Manually control each site, each site for detailed evaluation, careful classification, to find as many alternate URLs.
2.Daily measurement of all sites live, for the inaccessible sites, will be marked out "OFFLINE", saving users every One second!
3.For the authority of the dark web site, will be marked out as "certified", this site users can visit with confidence.
Review function allows you to measure the evaluation, will let the fraud site nowhere to hide! (The ability to manually review and mark scam sites as "scam" will be added later)
Third,Beautiful interface
1.Compared to other darknet navigation sites, the interface of Lister Darknet Navigation is really beautiful, using card design, clear and concise Show a website.
2.Follow the trend, the user is free to choose the "dark" or "light" mode, and the Lister dark web navigation (table network) will remember the Your preferences, no need to reset next time you enter.
3.Considering the slow loading of dark web sites, the new function of Lister dark web navigation allows users to freely choose "no picture". Or "with picture" mode: In "without picture" mode, each card will display a random font icon, in "with picture" mode, each card will display a font icon. It will display the icon of the corresponding website, which is very clear.
Four, strong interactivity
1.In the "News" area, users can put forward their opinions on the Lister dark web navigation, we will be open-minded to improve.
2.For each included sites, you can see the number of visits, praise, comments, each user can like the Darknet sites praise and comment on all their favorite and disliked sites.
Fivth, Internationalization
It is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English, covering the majority of Darknet users.

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