Introducing The Hidden Wiki, a well-known wiki site on the dark web

The Hidden Wiki is a number of uncensored wiki sites on the anonymous service Tor, and can be edited anonymously by anyone to provide site content, while its home page is a directory page with links to other . to directory pages on other .onion sites.

The Hidden Wiki operates on the pseudo-top-level domain .onion, so users must use Tor or other Tor software to access the pages. The Hidden Wiki's entire site is largely uncensored and provides links to sites hosting child pornography and sites selling weapons, counterfeit money, identity documents, credit cards, narcotics, etc.


The Hidden Wiki was first mentioned in 2007, when it was located at 6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion.

A well-known iteration of The Hidden Wiki was reached sometime before October 2011, and became prominent for its association with illegal content.

At some point prior to August 2013, the site was hosted on Freedom Hosting.

In March 2014, the site and its kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion domain were hacked and redirected to Doxbin. following this incident, content began to be mirrored to additional locations.

The main site was only forced to shut down in November 2014 when the FBI located a core server in Bulgaria during Operation De-Anonymize (English: Operation Onymous), but some content about the site is still circulating in the web.


Several .onion sites host successor sites based on the Hidden Wiki mirror; thus, there is no longer a single official Hidden Wiki. due to the frequent downtime and instability of The Hidden Wiki, many are hosted for accessibility reasons, while others were started to filter links to child pornography.

While there are many parodies of The Hidden Wiki in the dark web environment, this is the original.

The Hidden Wiki is all about human-based editing, and just like Wikipedia, it requires a person to log in and add their site to the system. It then requires other humans to properly review the links and then add them to the main page.

Finally, it requires a human to ultimately decide whether a link is to be closed. After a while, if it will be removed, due to the nature of many Tor/Onion services, they can be closed without warning.

Visit The Hidden Wiki :



The Hidden Wiki prides itself on giving dark web users access to dark web links to dark web marketplaces, stores and forums for users who wish to access dark web content anonymously.

The main feature between The Hidden Wiki and the corresponding search engine is their focus on ensuring that the links they share belong to verified sites. This is very important considering the large number of scam sites that are constantly popping up on the dark web.

In fact, whenever a user performs a search query on a regular search engine, they are likely to encounter more than 10 spam links that could expose them to serious cybersecurity dangers.

By the time the same user manages to find a legitimate website, they've already wasted a lot of time sifting through tons of spammy links.

For this reason, The Hidden Wiki's support team is crucial in its information gathering process. It all starts with identifying any links that appear, which are automatically analyzed before being indexed by The Hidden Wiki homepage.

The search engine also takes the liberty of categorizing dark web links for easy access. Once you visit The Hidden Wiki, you will see how easy the dark web search process is.

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